It’s time for Nintendo to decide how much they care about Esports.

It's time for the company to decide if they are going to be family friendly or competitive. Recently Nintendo has been dipping their toes into the realm of competitive gaming. Starting a couple systems ago with very small steps on their biggest games, (Mario Kart, Smash Brothers) they started implementing competitive systems that overall have... Continue Reading →

Predicting Overwatch Hero 28

It Obviously won't be a healer, so what comes next? With the Brigita meta in full effect dominating competitive and even beginning to show up in the pro-scene, it is safe to say that Brigitte Lindholm has found her place in the Overwatch world. The only issue is that she has been out so long... Continue Reading →

Celeste Review (Spoilers!)

Scale the Mountain in your heart. From the moment you start the game "Celeste" oozes nostalgia. The music, the graphics, the gameplay, it all blends together beautifully to create a world where you forget you are playing a game that looks like it could have been made 20 years ago compared to the hyper realistic... Continue Reading →

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