Hammond launches into Overwatch this week.

Another chimp from space? Why I'll be a monkey's uncle. Blizzard have recently been in the works teasing a new hero coming to the game. Starting at the end of early last week blizzard started posting teaser clips of a random street graffiti-ed with posters including images of a monkey in space that is supposedly... Continue Reading →

The Crew 2 First Impressions

From Sea to Shining Sea With The Crew 2's open beta coming to a close recently, I got a chance to participate in it and see first hand whether or not this follow-up game is a worthy successor to its popular predecessor. Long story short, I have mixed feelings about this game, there are some... Continue Reading →

Mario Tennis Aces premiering at… EVO?

The Smash hit tennis game that doesn't lob any victories your way. The new Mario Tennis Aces game has undoubtedly been a success after its recent launch. Aces is built in the same vein as their other aspiring competitive games Arms and Splatoon, where the story is meant as an introduction to the game mechanics.... Continue Reading →

Retro Review: Super Mario RPG

And now for something... completely different? Super Mario RPG is widely regarded as one of the greatest crossover games of all time. AN unlikely pairing of Square Soft and Nintendo brings this classic game to life in Super Mario RPG Legend of the Seven Stars. A perfect mix of Square's influence in Mario's world makes... Continue Reading →

My Top 10 SNES games to review

The Super Nintendo Entertainment System (SNES) is see globally as one of the greatest and most influential game systems ever, owning some of the greatest games ever. I unfortunately have not gotten to play many of them at all. I have played a few games but not nearly was the SNES deserves I play. To... Continue Reading →

Life is Strange 2 announced

Life and Timing is strange... apparently In a move that can be seen as either a telling sign for the game, or a confident gesture at the work that they've done, Dontnod has announced Life is Strange 2. Not only that, but it is scheduled to come out very soon. IN a trailer that shows... Continue Reading →

Who is the 66th character in Smash?

As if we needed anyone else. Over E3 we got the simultaneous confirmation of 65 characters playable in smash, and with the information drop came a website update acknowledging that there are 66 playable characters, but they have only shown up to 65, of course December is a long ways away, and we still have... Continue Reading →

Why lack of Cross-play may kill Sony

It's been a Fortnite since we've been able to play together Every E3 it comes out that Sony is completely against cross-play compatibility, and every year the internet gets outraged at the fact that Sony is the only company that is wholly resistant to this wave in gaming. Even Nintendo, known for being about 20... Continue Reading →

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