Top 10 Overwatch Seasonal Events

With Overwatch anniversary upon us there is no better time to talk about seasonal events. Especially because for this year for the first time you can play every non competitive event that the team has produced. This includes Lucio ball, Uprising, Yeti Hunt, all of the game modes that the community has gotten to experience for the past two years are here. Now the only question is, what one is the best?

10.Competitive Capture the Flag

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Capture the flag was first introduced during the Chinese New Year event as a fun option. This was expanded upon and was added to the rotating list of modes that pop up daily. This was fine, however, when it came time to announce that there was going to be a competitive mode, there was one map added, and the entire event seemed to have fallen short. It certainly was not a bad event, year of the dog was nice and the ten competitive capture the flag games were on par with the rest of the competitive system, which may have been its biggest problem.

9. Mei’s Snowball Offensive

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This is the first game on the list to fall victim to the biggest problem in overwatch events, it gets boring too quickly. When first released this game mode was a lot of fun, then bugs started to develop which made the game less fun. There are game modes higher on this list that have also had their fair share of game breaking bugs, but none that affected the game like this. Clipping into the ceiling made it impossible to win a round and was the ultimate cheese strat. This turned an alright game mode into a flop because there was no fun after it was found. Whats worse is that after one hole was patched out, people quickly found another one, this ruined the event and took all the wind out of its sails. This is just an unfortunate circumstance of an alright game mode being too buggy to be enjoyable.

8.6v6 Elimination

Image result for 6v6 lockout overwatch

This was a pleasant surprise when it was announced. It was pretty unexpected and brought a very interesting dynamic to the game that had not been there before. Some even said that it was better than regular competitive and i would tend to agree. Being forced to change characters made sure you couldn’t just one trick a hero, you HAD to swap, otherwise you obviously were not succeeding at the game mode. It would rank higher but it didn’t do as much to break the mold and make itself stand out from the rest of the game modes. It is a really nice addition that I am looking forward to season 2. It just didn’t have as much flair as its competitors.

7. Uprising

Image result for uprising overwatch

This was the first real lore-based event we received since overwatch’s release,  it featured some of the most hated characters in overwatch but because it was lore based and PvE, it was fine, it was a lot of fun to play and it tried really hard to incorporate many different mechanics from the game, capture points, payloads, an assault type strike. It tried to do everything, but with some pacing problems and long wait times this felt pretty padded looking back at it, it does drag on and while it was a great event at the time, other events have come along that have shown the flaws in this mode.

6. Anniversary

Image result for overwatch anniversary

Admittedly this entry is a bit of a cheat, however, because it is the reason that I am writing this, and it serves as a true celebration of the launch of an amazing game. With its own unique aspect of the rotating game modes, this deserves a spot on the list. This serves as the culmination of everything blizzard has done so far with every cosmetic, game mode, and literally anything released within the past two years is obtainable and playable for the first time ever. If that doesn’t make you excited then I’m not entirely sure what will.

5.Yeti Hunt

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This was a game mode that I was in love with when it was first announced. I had always wanted to try Evolve and this game mode did what overwatch has always done best, take the best ideas and implement them expertly. This game mode was a blast to play alone or with friends. Both sides felt balanced and during my time playing it it never felt like one side would win more than the other. I was a terrible Yeti but that didn’t matter because of how much fun I was having. it felt so empowering to fight the Yeti and think on the fly as Mei on how best to survive and take down the Yeti before he goes primal again. This is one of the few PvP modes that have been done well, I hope instead of adding a new mode this year they build upon it and improve it.

4. Retribution

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Now we are in to the toughest picks. Retribution lands at number four because it is an absolutely phenomenal game mode. The pacing, the story, even the in game cinematic, which actually was a cinematic was amazing and so well done. Their scenario just didn’t allow themselves to create enough enemy types. There were three distinct boss types and a few other minion types, which was enough, but to really go over the top the last element is making more distinctive and memorable enemies, because the enemies were cool,they all just screamed A.I. and became instantly forgettable. The character selection, the pacing, the story, it is all amazing, there just needs to be a little more oomph to their enemies.

3. Competitive Deathmatch

Image result for overwatch deathmatch gif

This is the competitive mode that the community has been waiting for. For once Overwatch becomes a single player game and you have no one to blame but yourself. This is fast paced, frenzied fun where you can go from 1st to 5th in a matter of seconds (believe me its happened to me enough times.) The gameplay feels tight and every move matters because if you make yourself vulnerable for one second too long you have just made someone else one kill closer to winning, it is intense, i honestly would not mind having a competitive deathmatch all year round. It is great for improving DPS skills and  there’s no pressure to switch. Your fate is in your hands, literally.

2. Junkenstein’s Revenge

Image result for overwatch junkenstein gif

This game mode is like chocolate cake. It is good every time you have it, and sometimes it gets better than the last time. You just have to make sure to not have too much. This is an amazing PvE mode that completely broke the mold when it was first made available and still retains its title as the best PvE mode, it is dramatic, features heroes and villians from the story in their halloween costumes, using this mode as a chance to show them all off. Something Overwatch has not done nearly as well with since this game mode. The balance is right, the characters are all fun to play as, it has even been changed up since it was first launched, adding a new boss to it in Symmetra. Whats better is that they added an endless mode last Halloween and made it insanely difficult, exactly what that mode needed after a year of speculation and dissection. Every time this mode comes back I am overjoyed and ready to play it all over again, this truly is an example of a perfect event mode.

1. Lucioball

Image result for overwatch lucioball gif

Could it be anything else? This was the first event game upon release and in all honesty they haven’t made something as truly addictive and fun as the main game since this mode has come out. When I first started playing this mode I was ready to pay sixty dollars on the spot to buy a full version of the game, and that still stands true today. This feels like the perfect combination between rocket league and Overwatch. Lucio’s physical dynamics synchronize very well with some of the most important aspects of Rocket League. However, and more importantly, there is enough contrasting between the two that it doesn’t just feel like a regular old rocket league rip off. The mechanics and environment are just different enough that both feel like different games all on their own. There is definitely a lot of influence, but that is what Overwatch does best. It takes the best of amazing games and tries to do something creative with it in their world. The summer games is an alright event that feels like it was trying to capitalize on the Summer Olympics, however because summer games means lucio ball comes back, that easily makes the summer games my favorite overwatch event. And yes, I seriously would pay 60 dollars for lucio ball today.

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