EA E3 2018 preview!

Micro-transactions, it’s in the game.

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EA is taking the first press conference this year and after everything that has happened to them in the past year, they are looking to rebound in a huge way. Dropping a noticeable percentage in stock over the whole Battlefront debacle and only making their reputation worse, EA had very few bright spots last year. Probably the most shocking bit of news was how well Madden 18’s story did, winning awards for story in video games. However, that is about where the positive press coverage stops for them. Mass Effect: Andromeda was such a flop that the division of bioware that opened to make this game, was almost immediately shut down. And the Battlefront lootbox nightmare only magnified the hate for the already wildly unpopular company. This year though they are looking to come back in a big way and try to get some of that market share that they lost last year back. Here are 5 predictions for EA Play 2018 , these are in no particular order, they are not ranked, they are just five equally random predictions.

5. Lootboxes will be in at least 5 games

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Sadly yes while the gamers may have won the battlefield battle the war is still very much going on. After EA pulled the lootboxes from Battlefront they stood by their decision doubling down and saying that they believe micro-transactions are the future, this is an obvious tell that they have plenty of games in development that have gameplay mechanics built around lootboxes. This does not necessarily have to be from the biggest titles. All of their sports games are bound to have some, Fifa, NBA, and Madden especially, with last year being one of the most acclaimed madden titles ever, and speaking of which.

4. Madden’s story mode will be beefed up and shown off.

After the unanimous success of Madden reinventing itself with its story mode, it is not that hard to believe that they are going to want to keep going in that direction. I think they get a few current stars like a Todd Gurley or a Rob Gronkowski to mingle with other all time greats such as Brett Farve or Jim Kelly. Not only that but they are going to pad the story itself and try to make it an hour or two longer total. This shouldn’t be hard to do because they were willing to tell a good story with real characters and set up real drama. This should be one of the biggest bright spots of the press conference if this actually happens.

3. Anthem takes a lot of time to make a small impression.

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Anthem feels like the type of game that would have sold extremely well at the beginning of the life cycle, right as the consoles were transitioning over, and the graphics could still tun an audience rather than just generally impress. It’s Destiny, the game is basically going to be compared to Destiny all the time. what I’m saying is that once we see the reveal of the story and the classes and their descriptions, we might have a PUBG v Fortnite situation where one franchise just completely swallows the other and makes the other one completely irrelevant. Destiny has been creating enough controversy over the years to believe that over time the playerbase could leave if Anthem seems like a better version of Destiny, but, this E3 is the first chance to make a good impression.

2. Battlefront’s new DLC gets announced and it disappoints.

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There is a running theme with this game that it just cannot shake, every time they try to do something good they mess it up. Canceling lootboxes… for a short time, having awesome updated characters that people want to play, locked behind unnecessary hours of grinding, for one character. I could go on but the point is that with this game the developers always seem to JUST miss the mark. That is why something is bound to go wrong with this reveal and makes players unhappy. There will either be too much of a price hike, or they could be “free to unlock” but with a ginormous barrier separating the player from the DLC unless they pay a little bit extra.

1. Battlefield V is revealed and is the most impressive game shown that day.

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The battlefield series has been one of EA’s most prestigious titles, many times it is so good that I forget that EA makes it.That is why it is a firm bet to say that this new Battlefield game will do the World War II setting justice and provide a great comparison between the earlier games in the series where they were in World War II. And, just like any other game today that has seen a child under the age of 18, there will be a battle royale mode with your customizable character. Sparking debate over who decided to copy PUBG first, Activision or EA.

Bonus! The sims 5 is announced and it comes with Sim City tools.

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With the popularity of cities skylines showing that there is still a market for city growing simulations. And, with the sims 4 being fairly old and in need of a new title soon. Why not announce a game that features them both. Make it primarily a sims game, but have the option to go into “God Mode” or whatever they want to call it, this would be an amazing nod to the older games while scratching the itch for sims fans that want to go back to their roots. This could also be an amazing way to give a nod to the two of the most influential Maxis games ever. It really does not seem likely to happen, which is why it is a bonus, but it would still be really cool to see.

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