Microsoft E3 Preview

Microsoft has had a rough generation, starting out a clear second between the terrible Wii u and getting absolutely crushed by Sony at the start of the generation has had Microsoft playing on the back foot the whole cycle. And recently with the release of the Switch, Nintendo has gained a lot of ground and the debate between who has the second best console on the market has become a lot murkier of a discussion when talking about Microsoft. However, they are taking steps to improve. They are starting to roll out their first party games finally, gamepass is by far the best game streaming service between the major 3 companies, and Microsoft has a lot of rumors swirling about games that may or may not be coming before the end of the console cycle. This list is in no particular order.

5. Halo 6 revealed, slated for 2019

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Halo has been pretty dormant with spin-off titles and Microsoft needs to have a home run and Halo is the best bet. The game that made the Xbox famous has a chance to redeem them this generation. Halo 5 was met to alright reviews, and with the radio silence from 343 it would appear that they have taken the criticisms to heart and are changing up the formula to fit more of what the fans want. Also, just because it seems like this is going to be the theme of the year there will more than likely be a Halo battleground mode in the new game. This is such a trend that going forward any popular game that involves shooting multiple people can be considered to guaranteed have one, it would be a surprise if there wasn’t one in almost any of these games.

4. Crackdown goes missing

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Yeah, that crackdown, the one with Terry Crews. Remember it from a few years ago when it was announced and we all thought it was going to be released? Yeah, me neither, this game has gotten delayed again and is starting to slip into Last Guardian status where no one is entirely sure what exactly is going on with it and when a game goes through a process like this it rarely turns out to be the game that anybody hoped it would be. I think it would be best if this game stayed silent for another year or two and work all of the bugs out. Let us forget about the game, then they hype train will be fresh and ready to go all over again.

3. Those Fable rumors are real, and it will be officially announced during the conference.

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This one feels almost like a cheat of a pick simply because the rumor mill has been spitting this one out for months. There are too many rumors with parts that line up over the course of time to ignore it, this game is real. The question is when, there is confirmation from earlier this year that they are putting together about a team of 200 people to work on this project, and while that is a huge staff for a video game, the fact that we are only hearing it this year means that more than likely this game won’t happen any time soon, the most we may get is a brief teaser clip that is a couple seconds long, however the more likely option seems to be a logo and sound clip. That is about it. Though,  even just a confirmation will be enough for me, I’m ready to own some property again!

2. Game pass gets a more Robust catalog featuring best hits from past generations.

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As stated in the beginning Game Pass is the Netflix of video games, it is super convenient and done in a smart way that circumvents bad internet. As a subscriber I can say with certainty that my game pass subscription is the best part of my xbox. However, with the recent announcement and subsequent addition of all current and future Microsoft in house games being added, it would be the perfect time to add ALL of that catalog and make it a true complete collection, possibly with a rotating section of third party games even more notable than what they have now. What I am trying to say is they need to double down on this, if Microsoft really wants to make a splash with the rest of this Generation, this is going to be the way. Everything is right there, they just need to commit 200%.

1.Banjo-Kazooie Remasterd collection is announced.

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With Crash Bandicoot and Spyro getting their own remastered collections, it is time for the bird and bear duo to spread their wings in HD. The nostalgia age is upon us and there is no better time for this classic series to get a reboot. This did wonders for Crash, potentially even restarting his franchise entirely. Spyro is looking just as good with the first trailer. It is beyond time. Microsoft has slapped him all over the place on their console with Game pass, rare replay, and their one Banjo game. They have discussed the potential of working with other companies on Rare’s old IPs and it that were the case this game would be on top of the list because of the cult following it still has to this day *cough* *cough* (This would also be a great way to work him in to smash with a collection releasing on the switch at the same time as Xbox… just saying)


Bonus! Blinx the Cat gets a remastered version/reboot.

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This one is purely a pipe dream, there is absolutely no reason to believe that this game originally released on Xbox will ever get a re-release, however, much like Banjo, why can’t Blinx ride the hype train back to the modern day, after all, Super Lucky’s Tale went great… didn’t it? But for real though, I would lose my mind if this game gets announced, but hey, it happened for Beyond Good and Evil didn’t it, a man can dream.

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