Nintendo E3 Preview

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Since the launch of the switch Nintendo has hit it out of the park with everything they have done so far. This is a company that looks like the complete opposite of the Wii U era. Plus with Smash Brothers on the Horizon it looks like Nintendo is going to keep this gravy train as long as it possibly can. We know for sure that we are getting a Pokemon and Smash brothers game this year, and we know that Metroid Prime 4, Fire Emblem, Yoshi, and many more games are coming to the switch. And while Nintendo may be focusing on games already announced with this year’s E3 spotlight, that definitely does not mean that Nintendo probably won’t have a few tricks up their sleeve this year too.

5. Next year’s Pokemon game debuts.

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This same exact situation happened last year when Pokken DX was announced for the switch a few weeks before E3. People had mixed reactions about the announcement because there had been leaks and rumors about a Pokemon game coming to the switch. Then, at E3, the famous 5 second clip announcing the game and that it will be coming. I think they could be following the same pattern from last year. Pokemon Lets Go! Pikachu and Eevee are what they are clearing out before the reveal of potential gameplay footage. It would make for a really nice surprise and set the table well for next year’s slate of games as well.

4. The N64 Mini is announced and is sold out before the presentation ends.

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If history really is an indicator for future results, the N64 mini should debut at E3, both of the other consoles in this classic mini collection have been announced around this time of the year, and after the huge success of the two previous consoles, this seems like the best time to pull out that ace in the hole. It is obviously inevitable that this comes out, it is next in line after all. For us, it is a matter of when, not if.

3.If Starfox Grand Prix is real, F-Zero is officially dead.

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Since Metroid Prime 4 was announced last year, F-zero has become the newly crowned most forgotten about series at Nintendo. This game has been dormant since the gamecube and Nintendo fans are begging for a new title. However, with some big leaks surfacing before E3 it seems like this year will be the final nail in the coffin for F-Zero. If Starfox Grand Prix exists, then there is no need for an F-Zero franchise. Both are intergalactic racers, and unless Nintendo can make a dramatic and unforseen change in the racing gameplay, there is no reason to think the game won’t play exactly the same as F-Zero would. Personally I would love F-Zero to come back and take a chance at being one of the first major competitive racing games, with the switch and technology like fortnite bringing more gamers in than ever, a competitive racing game would be extremely interesting to see. Just don’t expect to see it any time soon.


2. Wave Race makes a splash.

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Earlier in the year rumors started swirling that Wave Race was in development for the Switch. If this is true it would be the first Wave Race game since the launch of the gamecube with Blue Storm. This is a type of game that would work great on the switch, with its fast gameplay, shorter races, and overall just fun action would make another great addition in the Switch’s library and diversify the catalouge, bringing more variety to the system that is pumping out hits like crazy. (Also, if this happens, it would be really cool to see Ricky Winterborn in smash, it could be the troll character everyone has been searching for.)

1.Pikmin 4 is announced

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This game has kind of gotten lost in recent years as Shigeru Miyamoto soft confirmed that Pikmin 4 was officically in development at Nintendo a while ago but nothing has been seen or heard from it. If this game really has been worked on for a few years, now might be the time to show it off. Nintendo hasn’t been this hot in a long time and they have enough good will to be able to put Pokemon, Metroid Prime 4 and Pikmin 4 in the same year, this would make 2019 just as strong, if not stronger than 2018 for them and take the pressure off of some other titles to keep performing. Giving more time for Nintendo to produce more games like a Breath of the Wild or a Super Mario Odyssey. This might not be as excititng as a possible Animal Crossing announcement, but it would still pleasntly shock and surprise a lot of the audience, the majority of whom who have been waiting patiently for this title to be released.

Bonus! The Paper Mario game leaked is real and it will be amazing.

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There is almost no way that this is happening and I would be hard pressed to believe that Nintendo would change Paper Mario back to the way it was with the commitment they have to the Mario and Luigi games. That title has filled out their semi-traditional RPG role is not going anywhere and Paper Mario has become their experimental franchise, much to the chagrin of its fans. Any Paper Mario fan who has played either of the first two games will tell you that they are a game of their own, some of the most memorable and genuinely amazing video games ever made. And to see the series degrade the way it has to the point it has gotten to breaks the heart of every Paper Mario fan, it is not the same as it once was. And no Mario and Luigi game can capture the pure essence and charm that the original two games had, I chose this for the bonus pick because the leak is almost definitely fake, and fans shouldn’t get their hopes up especially since Color Splash came out not that long ago. But a man can dream, can’t he?

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