Top 10 E3 Reveals

Every year the race for E3 is to see who can bring out the biggest and best games coming to the consumer at some point. Many games are revealed and often times with how much news is being broken during the week it is hard to stand out from the rest of the crowd. There are some exceptions, however, that have stood the test of time, and have become bigger than just the best reveal of the year. These announcements have made such an impact on the gaming community that many of these products have changed or formed gaming in one war or another, becoming more important than the product being advertised. These are the best E3 reveals ever.

10. The Nintendo DS is announced, making our bodies ready for Reggie.

In 2004 Nintendo was all about kicking ass, taking names, and making video games. At least according to then new President of Nintendo of America Reggie Fils Aime. And in that epic E3 performance they did just that. Announcing one of the most influential and successful handheld devices in history. And with the rise of smart phones and their ever increasing technology, this may have been the last great purely handheld system line (including the 3ds family) that we may ever see. And it was in this video that it was first showcased to the world.

9. Final Fantasy XIII Comes to Xbox

The implications when this trailer first came out were huge. Final Fantasy spent its formative years on the Nintendo family of consoles until Final Fantasy VII and square enix eventually transitioned over to a primarily a Sony brand. This was the game that broke this mold. While not being recieved the greatest after release, this announcement sent shockwaves throughout the entire gaming community. The modern equivalent would be Halo 6 coming to playstation and the switch, the reaction eould be truly nuts.

8. Super Smash Brothers Melee delights as the roster multiplies.

Nintendo really knows how to market super smash brothers. The original commercial with the four mascots beating the crap out of each other to the Turtles is still one of my favorite pieces of advertising ever. However, it is this trailer specifically that cemented Super Smash Brothers as Nintendo’s biggest franchise. This trailer still gives me chills when I watch it. And to hear the audience react almost the entire way through the video, knowing that this exact game would still have that kind of effect on people today, over 10 years later makes this announcement that much cooler.

7. Halo begins to bridge the gap between PC and Console

When Microsoft first entered into the Video Game industry with the Xbox, they needed a flagship title that was different than what had previously been done. Shooters were mainly seen as a PC exclusive due to the graphical supremacy and the ease of aim with a mouse compared to a D-pad or control sticks until this point. This game changed all of that

6. Portal 2 beats the odds and surpasses all expectations.

The original Half-Life revolutionized gaming with its graphical capability, storytelling, and gameplay. And, while looking either commonplace or just bad by today’s standards, this is a game that would change gaming forever and showed it off in its first trailer. The gravity gun, a physics engine that was extremely realistic were all seen for the first time, shocking everyone who had already had very high expectations for the game. No one honestly believed that this game could beat the hype that it has created for itself. Though it did, unfortunately, mean that this would be the last time we see a Half-Life reveal, unless a miracle happens and the impossible becomes possible, this is the unceremonious end to one of the most highly regarded series ever.

5. Fallout 4 comes out when?

Bethesda was regarded as a tiny niche company like CD Projekt Red that didn’t have the manpower to command a full press conference all to themselves, and in 2015 when they finally took the stage for the first time, they proved everyone how wrong they were. A highlight reel from top to bottom, this conference offered surprising looks at the rebooted Doom series which showcased great, and the anticipated Dishonored 2 proved to be just as popular as the first. However it was Fallout that everyone had come to see, and it did not disappoint. The first trailer showcased the Boston setting the rumors and leaks had been speculating about. Ending with the biggest surprise of the show, Fallout was being released that same year, in November.

4. $299

In the spirit of this announcement I will try to keep it almost as short as they did. 299<399= RIP Sega.

3. Sony wins the PS4 generation before it even begins.

Proving that Sony is the master of counter-punches, it was this clip and taking advantage of the many other mistakes Xbox made that crucial year. Sony demoralized Xbox getting enough of a leg up in the console war that the Xbox has never really ever stood a chance against Sony. Sony took this lead and ran with it though. Making phenominal games the entire generation that have been varied enough so that no one gets tired of them. Xbox however is stil trying to recover from this ill-fated E3.

2. FInal Fantasy VII is announced, making a joke a reality.

A remake of Final Fantasy seemed as impossible as a reveal of Half-Life 3. However, in 2015 suqare enix decided to wow the world and announce not only one long awaited games. First was the announcement of Kingdom Hearts III, finally in production at Square Enix. Second was Sony’s announcement of a Final Fantasy VII remake. You can hear the crowd grow in anticipation throughout the video, slowly realizing and not letting themselves believe what it was before those final two end cards that say the name, and most important word of all, remake. Even the thought made the crowd go crazy, the only downside is that it still isn’t out, and we still don’t have a release window, or year. Oh well, I’m sure we’ll get it eventually.

1. Nintendo announces the Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess, making grown men cry around the world.

The two games involved in this entry have the complete opposite trajectory in how they were originally recieved and how they are veiwed now. When The Legend Of Zelda: The Wind Waker was announced many people we dissapointed with the art style, feeling that it was not mature enough for what they want, and that they were pandering to the family demographic. This prompted Nintendo to develop The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess, this game is what topped off what is considered to be Nintendo’s finest E3 ever. Where so much happened within that press conference that Nintendo was making grown men cry and not care one bit who saw, mainly because they were crying too. Nintendo knew what they were doing though, The Wind Waker is considered to be a more memorable game and has held up better over time. Twilight Princess, even with a remaster on the Wii U has mostly sank into the shadows, especially with Breath of the Wild being released.

Honorable Mention: Kevin Butler’s incredible speech.

While not really a reveal, can we really go an E3 without hearing the greatest 5 minutes in E3 history? I think not.

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