Bethesda Conference Reactions!

We’re all here for Todd Howard

Bethesda knows what works. They have a great pulse on their fanbase and this year’s E3 proved that and then some. Although it was tough to get through at first the content was there. New DLC for already released games, fallout 76 definitely did not disappoint, and we got two surprise announcements confirming some very heavily anticipated games. It was funny, it had great games, it even had a musical number, this was a press conference that while being slow at the start, did not disappoint.

The show started with some well deserved shots at Wal-Mart for leaking the recently announced Rage 2. The tone pretty much stayed the same for the rest of the segment, appropriate for the tone of the game. The game itself really seemed to stand out from the other post-apocalyptic franchises that Bethesda has cornered the market on. The use of colors is great, the gunplay and abilities look fun, and driving around in ridiculous cars blowin stuff up always seems like a good time. The best part is its out soon too.

In that same vein of game, just in a much darker tone, Doom Eternal was announced and is coming soon. It looks like they have doubled down on what made the reboot great and brought hell to earth. Creating a gory grotesque scene that only this franchise could pull off so gloriously. Not much is known about the game, only a short teaser was shown tonight. However, expect to hear more at quake-con this year. Speaking of which, Quake champions is going live with a week long test that you can join tonight. As someone who has been looking forward to this game since its announcement I will definitely be bringing more on this when I have the info.

Some of your favorite games from last year got cool new DLC that, in Bethesda fashion, you can try out really soon if not tonight. Prey got a new randomly generated moon mission DLC, infinitely playable because the environments, weapons, and enemies are different every time. Not only that but there is also prop hunt from G-mod coming to the game. In this mode one person hunts down 5 other people who are playing as a mimic, turning into different objects hiding from the single player who is hunting them. That is coming later this summer. Wolfenstein 2 got a brand new Co-op story mission featuring B.J.s daughters in France. That is also due out later this year.

Then we get to Elder Scrolls Corner, this year we got updates for not just elder scrolls online, but also the card game, Elder Scrolls Legends. Both of these featured major updates or overhauls that were available tonight at the latest. Elder Scrolls Legends got a complete visual overhaul and had been promised to come to every system including the Switch. Elder scrolls online teased their nee expansions coming out this year and mentioned very briefly that they plan to work on the game past 2018. Also announced was a brand new Elder Scrolls mobile game with a full story and online capabilities. This is starting on mobile but eventually be moving to every console imaginable.Be ready to hear more from this ambitious mobile title very soon.

The two biggest games of the night were announced back to back. Skyrim Very Special Edition is coming to Amazon Alexa and Samsung Fridges near you, very soon. Also, Fallout 76 looks absolutely incredible. A shared open world experience that you have the keys to sounds amazing. It is exactly what what we were expecting, a “soft-core” survival game. But still a great looking game and a fresh look at the classic franchise This includes being able to launch your own nuclear missiles from the ground, given you have the code for it. This looks like one of the few games that very heavily encourages co-op while still letting people do what they want. Overall it looks pretty cool.

The ACTUAL two biggest announcements came in two clips about a minute’s length combined. That was the confirmation of both Starfield and The Elder Scrolls VI. These were sandwiched in right at the end and no gameplay, not even game engine footage was revealed. Just two logos slapped on a screen. Somehow though, that is enough. With a tendency to rather show than tell. This was a rather flashy and big move, to drop both at the same time. It was announced that they will be next-gen titles. But, knowing Bethesda, they can undersell and over-perform. They may not be out until next generation. But they would not confirm both games if one was not close to being done. Expect to be hearing more from Starfield in the near future and of course, there will be more Elder Scrolls news to come as well.

Overall if you can get past the horribly awkward moments and enjoy the conference for what it is for, the games, then it was a great conference. The diversity in their games is as amazing as ever and they keep growing on that brand with smarter and smarter marketing choices to go with their game choices. Recognizing the Wal-mart leaks, poking fun at Skyrim being everywhere, and just showing the logos for Starfield and Elder Scrolls VI means that Bethesda is on the top of their game and they are listening to everything their fanbase has to say. This showcase was much stronger than last year’s and packed a lot more of a lasting punch in terms of memorability. Their “one last thing” moment turned into two. Everyone believed that there might be one announcement, but getting both at the same time was something else, well done Bethesda, well done.

Overall Grade: B+

Predictions Right: 2…ish?

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