Square Enix E3 Reactions

Blink and you might miss it.

Square Enix delieverd a half-hearted E3 presentation that left much of the audience wondering why they even showed up. The games talked about had already been announced, and the presentation was only half an hour. Leaving no room for explanation or a deeper look into the games that they have.

The show started with shadow of the tomb raider and a quick inside look at the development team and how they feel about this last installment in the Tomb Raider reboot. After that though, the conference was all downhill from there.

The games talked about were only given clips of things already known or announced at E3. Nier Automita was re-announced for the Xbox One. New DLC for both Monster Hunter and Final Fantasy XIV were shown off.

The real games announced were just as unimpressive as the rest of the lineup. The Awesome Adventure of Captain Spirit launches completely for free on June 26. Dragon Quest XI looked incredibly good but it was a project that had been known about for a while. Octopath Traveler was given another very short explanation trailer of the classes and that was it for the game. No new details were given that are juicy enough for the E3 stage. Just cause 4 even used recycled footage from the Microsoft conference to announce the game was being made.

The two surprises for me were both Babylon’s fall and The Quiet Man. The quiet man most especially because when the trailer first started, the graphics looked so good I was not sure if it was live action or not. This was the most impressive trailer of the conference. However, this game looks like it won’t be coming until next generation at the earliest, if it wasn’t just a CGI trailer.

Kingdom Hearts 3 rounded out the day with a little bit more in depth look at the newly announced frozen world. That even fell flat however, as the biggest announcements were already revealed. The frozen world was debuted on the Microsoft stage yesterday and the release date was confirmed earlier this week.

Overall this felt like a very half-hearted conference from a company that seems like they promised too much to too many people. The games they showed off seemed to be quality, but their lack of faith or even just laziness in this presentation really swept the rug out from under anyone who was expecting more from this showcase. This was by far the most unfulfilling and disheartening presentation this year. Let’s hope Square Enix has a good plan for the rest of the year, because they sure didn’t show anything spectacular today.

Grade: F

Correct Predictions: 1

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