Sony E3 2018 Reactions

Welcome to the 1st church of Playstation

Instead of the loud, bombastic approach of banging their chests and premiering tons of new games that absolutely broke people’s minds. This E3 took a more subtle approach for Playstation. Starting the night in a church to promote The Last of Us Part II, Sony knew that the presentation was going to have to be in how the games were presented, rather than showing a ton of new games. This year we got extended looks at major games and brief trailers for smaller games.

Starting the event in the same venue as the Last of Us Part II was such a unique and cool touch that no one had ever thought of. The extended look also did the game a lot of justice. The gameplay looks like it has only improved on the last game. The graphics look great, every year we step closer and closer to photo-realism and this game is no exception. The story in it is just as wonderful as the rest, setting Ellie up with her partner and then tearing her away in the action sequences. The only disappointing part, (other than no mention of Red Dead Redemption 2) was that there is still no release window. It looks like it won’t make it to another E3 without showing off like spiderman, but it was still a great showing nonetheless another great showing from this game.

Many, many games were announced between the major game trailers. This includes Days gone, Kingdom hearts III, Destiny 2, control, a new game from Justin Roiland (Creator of Rick and Morty) Nioh 2, and others filled in the gaps between the major gameplay clips. These were actually surprisingly long for being filler. No explanation was given, it was just videos back-to-back. All the context was given in these videos, they didn’t feel the need to come out, awkwardly introduce themselves, play a 2 minute demo and walk off. These games were short, concise, showed you what you wanted to see and nothing more. This is awesome coming from the company that has knocked it out of the park on everything this generation and has built up that kind of credit with their fan base.

Death Stranding made another appearance this year and showed off what looked like gameplay? The problem with death stranding is that it never offers answers for the questions you have. Every trailer just confuses the original point more and more. If this were in literally anyone else’s hands this would be a huge cause for concern. It looks like there is no concise thru-line other than babies throughout this game. Kojima, however, has built up the credit over a very long and storied career to be given the benefit of the doubt on this. Not only because it is Kojima himself working on this, but also because these are the types of games that he loves to create. 5 bucks says you can’t explain the plot of metal gear in less that 3 complete sentences. This is a game that players just simply need to play to understand. The biggest concern that I have is that this looks 100% stealth based, with no option of defending yourself. Time will tell however, if I am being too cautious about this game, or not nearly cautious enough. The trailer looked as great as ever, and they are adding more stars on top of who they already have. Have faith in this game, it may look weird now but when the dust settles, the odds are this is a game that is going to really mean something in the market.

Feeling a little undercut by the announcement of Shadows Die Twice, Ghosts of Tsushima looks absolutely incredible. The color scheme, the gamplay, and the setting all look just right. The only negative thing i have to say about it is that it looks so much like Shadows Die Twice. When the trailer first premiered I was sure that’s what was being shown. Then the reveal of Ghosts came and surprised me. The market seems like it can handle multiple games in  this style and era. It was just sad to see this game announced so close to another game that is so similar to it. If it had been a different E3 that either of these games were shown, this reveal in particular would have gone much, much better. There’s no knock on just how good this game will be, it is only marred slightly by the fact that an almost identical game was announced earlier this week.

Resident Evil 2 made a huge reappearance after a long time of hearing absolutely nothing from them, the trailer looked gorgeous and Chris and Jill looked amazing in 4k. This remake has been a long time in the making and it shows. Lots of love and dedication was put into this game and it shows. The trailer built up the hype properly and the final reveal at the end made everything so worth it. Plus, we got a release date! The game is announced to come out sooner than I think anyone expected (January 15, 2019) and that was a very pleasant surprise for anyone who has been waiting patiently for this game to get the full remake it rightfully deserves.

Sony ended the show on the biggest game you can play the soonest. Spiderman, this looked so freaking cool. This looked like an Arkham game with the mobility jacked up on steroids. You can swing, run, maneuver however you please in this fast paced action game. The story looks like it has been really thought through and takes lots of cues from the Rocksteady games and improves on the legacy that they have built. The combat looks extremely fluid and being able to use the environment around you is a really cool aspect that I will definitely forget about 30 seconds after getting my first cool new powerup. The villains look terrifying and they are united by a special villain that Spidey himself was surprised to see show up. What that could mean for the plot is anyone’s guess. It could be any number of iconic spiderman villains, (Green Goblin… probably). The game looks ready to go, the only thing we need for this game is the reviews to start coming in.

Overall Sony took a step back and let some titles breathe this year. Which is not a bad thing at all, expanding on the games that they already have announced gives more time to the games in production to come out and look super prepared and ready next year. The announcements weren’t as impactful or earth shattering as some other conferences this year. No one expected another knockout year from Sony though, everyone knew that the huge announcements that have been coming year after year had to slow down eventually and unfortunately this was the year. That by no means indicates that this was a poor press conference. However, it would have been better if there had not been that “intermission” between the first game and the rest of the showcase. Overall the games shown were good and we got to see a good look at a select few games. A reserved year for Sony, but one that was very much needed.

Overall Grade: B-

Predictions correct: 3

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