Super Smash Brothers Reaction

The Gang’s all here

I’ll be honest, the rest of Nintendo’s E3 presentation was good, the games shown were very good, but the real focus of today was showing off the new Smash Brothers game. All the other games were smaller and no other releases were talked about. Most were either released today or are games that have been talked about before. There was no mention of Metroid Prime 4, no Yoshi, no Bayonetta 3. And, somehow, with the deluge of information dropped on Super Smash Brothers, none of that really matters.

Super Smash Brother’s Ultimate is the newest game in the series and if there ever was one to replace Melee as the ultimate game this is it. Literally every single character makes a return in this game, (even Pichu, Ice Climbers, and Snake!) Clones have finally been recognized for what they are and are now properly titles “Echo Characters.” This was especially cool to see personally because a brand new echo character was announced for the game, Daisy! My honorable mention in my top 10 new characters gets her own slot. That wasn’t the biggest news revealed however, as Ridley, the fan favorite since Melee has FINALLY been included. This means that there are an almost endless amount of character choices to choose from and no one can be disappointed with the selection. It also seems like this may be close to the end for new characters, however, because of the bevy of characters already added, not many more are expected. That’s alright though, with the robust selection it will be years before people can complain about Waluigi being an assist trophy again.

The stages are absolutely beautiful and have gotten a true HD remake feel, every scene was on a new stage, picking stages from every single iteration, Princess Peach’s Castle, DK Jungle, Shadow Moses Island. The attention to the amount of details in these stages is impeccable, and it seems like the stages will be following in the same footsteps as the characters. Adding a virtually endless amount of stages including the Omega stages, and new battlefield versions of every single stage. This is the game that truly puts everything that not only the video game industry produces together, but also Smash itself. Seeing stages from over 10 years ago get updated and resed up to HD look jaw dropping.

The interface and set up have been overhauled completely, featuring easier interfaces for 1v1s. Adding a different percentage for individual fights compared to group fights. Other things changed are small visual cues in game to help you pick up on the intricate details quicker. Icons show what items the villager picks up, a small gauge shows how much charge characters like Robin have, and a shining glow shows up to let everyone know who is in the lead currently. Details like these will help not only new players first getting introduced to the game, but also Esports.

Many of the smaller changes feel like a direct response to those in the Esports community. Viewing the game has never been better or easier, the common man can be told three sentences and be able to understand what is going on immediately. If there ever was a game to usurp Melee as the premier smash Esport, this is the one. The game has never looked livelier or more fun to just watch. Facial animations have been improved vastly making the characters feel alive. This game feels like a living, breathing sport that could be the one to break through into popular culture as the first mainstream Esport. The only disappointing aspect of the announcement was the fact that we have to wait until December to finally own the game.

Overall this Smash Brother’s Nintendo Direct left a lot to the imagination. while not having the best showcase this year, Smash Brothers showed off extremely well and is an early candidate to take game of show. Not much else was shown, however, and that leaves a lot of questions for 2019 and beyond. Where is Metroid and Bayonetta? Does Yoshi even exist anymore? And, is Animal Crossing ever going to release on switch? Unfortunately for everyone none of these questions will be answered with the remainder of the year it seems, but no one will care come December because of just how important Smash will be for Nintendo this holiday. The hype train has reached full steam for this game and even a smaller year for Nintendo is looking to produce huge results for them. Nintendo truly is back, in full force. But for real though, DAISY’S IN SMASH BROTHERS!

Overall Grade: B-

Correct Predictions: 0

Smash Predictions Right: 0

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