Top 10 E3 2018 Moments

With E3 drawing to a close, it is finally time to talk about what makes E3 so special, the game reveals. This year saw a lot of epic moments from surprises like Cyberpunk 2077 stealing Microsoft’s show, to BOTH Starfield and Elder Scrolls VI being confirmed by the man himself, Todd Howard. There were so many great moments and every conference had at least one game or trailer that absolutely blew everyone away. This E3 was fiercely fought, and while I may have already decided who won E3, it is time to finally decinde, once and for all, what was the game, and moment, of E3.

10. Mario + Rabbids gets an orchestral Donkey Kong

This crossover game is definitely not new, having first taken the stage at last year’s E3, this game took the world by storm by being possibly the most unexpectedly great game in recent history. This was an Xcom style game with a turn based system and percentages of hitting shots. Nothing you would expect to see come from Nintendo, even less so is the fact that Mario and Peach actually had guns, that killed people. So, with how successful this game was, it only made sense for DLC right? Well, of course it did, so we got the announcement for a Donkey Kong centered game experience. Ubisoft decided to go the extra mile and hire an Orchestra to accentuate the medly that had been composed, even including the DK rap. This was the only musical performance that I can say I loved that isn’t laced with irony. This gets a spot on the list because of how well this advertisement was done.

9. Unraveled 2 is already out.

A growing theme at E3 the past couple years has been to announce some things far in the future to set up E3’s to come, but then they will throw stuff out there that is released that day, usually it is small things, DLC, maybe a mobile game. Not this time, however, this time an entire video game was announced and released the same day. A full game no one knew about before that day, was already playable. The amount of coordination and effort it took to make this happen was truly special and you have to give the devil his due. EA did really well on this one.

8. Kingdom Hearts. Kingdom Hearts everywhere.

I hope you like Kingdom Hearts because we sure got a ton of it this year. This is the final E3 for this game before it releases in January and if you hadn’t heard about this game before E3 you sure knew about it after. Kingdom Hearts appeared on almost every major stage. The weakest trailer was an extended version of the surprise trailer that premiered on Xbox’s stage featuring the Frozen world everyone had been asking for. But they weren’t done there yet, because they decided to announce ANOTHER world on Sony’s stage, going back to the classic Pirates of the Caribbean world. Even Jack’s voice actor sounds a lot closer to Mr. Depp (If it isn’t himself reprising the character.) The game looks absolutely gorgous and we have seen enough worlds to believe that it is ready for the primetime. All we need is to just wait patiently for 2019.

7. The Ancient East finally gets its due.

This was a really great year for fans of ancient Samurais as not one but two stunning games were announced set in that time period. Both Sekiro Shadows Die Twice, and Ghosts of Tsushima look absolutely incredible. Both trailers showed off so well and looked different enough that I will definetly be looking into buying both of them. Not too much was told about gameplay, story, or even a release. But, that doesn’t stop either from looking great, the battle system in Sekiro looks like a souls game that has been put on fast forward. And, Ghosts’ landscapes are incredible, with the final look over the hills being able to see all the plants life blossoming and blooming is jaw dropping and even if the game is all landscape visuals, with looks like that i would be happy.

6. Skyrim Very Special Edition is Very real and Very fun.

When i had first heard that this game was more than just an apt comical trailer poking fun at the company’s tendency to port skyrim to literally anything and everything, I laughed and thought it had to be a joke. Oddly enough though, it is real. Sure, it is very clearly a game made for an Echo, but, it is a lot of fun, and it’s extremely easy to lose a few hours while questing and hearing Alexa say “Fus-Ro-Dah” over and over again. You don’t expect this game to be as fun and in depth as it is, but it has branching paths in dungeons, you level up and gain new skills, it’s a lot of fun to play while you’re cleaning the house or doing something else. Bethesda even went the extra mile and added in jokes that fit too perfectly with Alexa’s monotone way of speaking, making it not only engaging, but also extremely funny.

5. Rage 2 rages on Wal-Mart

The announcement of Rage 2 was apparently supposed to be a surprise and Wal-Mart never got the memo. Well, Bethesda let them have it to start the show. Calling them out by name in the opening seconds of the entire conference. This was a big sign of the rest of the night for them. Bethesda wasn’t afraid to tell you how they’re feeling this year and it really paid off in a huge way. The game also showed really well. Bethesda has cornered the post-apocalyptic shooter genre and adding another one seemed like it was going to be tough. They proved everyone wrong, however, because it looks great, and it really stands out from the other games in the genre, it is bright, colorful and extremely chaotic. This was one of Bethesda’s best conferences, and it all started with a little bit of rage.

4. The Last of Us Part II picks up where God of War left off

This game looks like an acted movie. The expressions, the visuals, everything about this game is more beautiful than almost any game that came before it ever. While I do like to think of the photo-realistic style of many games today as being on a timer until they age like milk. I can also sit back and appreciate all the beauty that we are living in today. To have the camera pan up and down to change from our world to the game world, in the same venue, gave you the perfect chance to see just how much effort has gone into the visuals of this game. We are finally getting to the age where video game programmers are finally figuring out just how to create faces and express the right emotion at the right time. The gameplay looks to be on par with the last game and if that’s true then this game looks like it will be a huge success. It had been a while since we last saw Ellie and the world that she was in, but this trailer made it so worth it.

3. Battletoads crashes into 2019

While showing almost nothing at all, Microsoft showed their commitment to nostalgic gaming just like Sony and Nintendo. They started slow with the announcement of one of their most beloved and infamous games in their classic catalouge, Battletoads. Not even the toads themselves were shown but in this new age of difficulty being a huge selling point for a game, Battletoads seems like they are reappearing at the perfect time. Most likely the most notorious game in Rare’s classic collection, this game became a cult icon of difficulty, specifically naming the pothole level one of the hardest video game levels ever made. And it still stands up to today, conventional game mechanics were thrown out the window and the developers just got mean with this game. If they can recreate the difficulty this could be one of the most successful reboot of a franchise in years.

2. Cyberpunk 2077 steals the show at the last second.

CD Projekt Red is a very tight-lipped company, much like bethesda they elect to show rather than tell. Which makes an announcement like this so spectacular. This was a completely unexpected trailer showing off more than anyone thought possible. This also came at the end of a jam packed Microsoft show featuring 50 games in total, including both Halo and Gears. By the end of the conference everyone was exhausted from the constant stream of games being shown. But, even after all that, Cyberpunk managed to steal the spotlight form all of them, coming in at the very end, needing no explination or introduction. This is a “one last thing” moment done perfectly.

Game of Show: Super Smash Brother’s Ultimate

This game blew all the expectations out of the water. With any Smash Brother’s game there was a lot of hype and worry about rosters, having too many or too little of some characters, this answers all of it. Anyone you have ever played as is playable. No matter what, Snake, Pichu, Cloud, litereally everyone. What makes it even better is the fact that we got the announcement of Ridley, someone who has been requested since the original E3 trailer of Super Smash Brothers Melee. This game is a huge endeavor and the sheer magnitude of this game really seems to be the ultimate version. As far as anyone can tell, almost every single character, stage, and item will be included. And, there’s still more to come, Nintendo stayed tight lipped about single player, online, and post launch support, even though there will be support after the game has launched. Nintendo essentially only brought Smash to the convention this year, and while it raised some questions, it really seemed to have paid off in a big way, making their post 2018 lineup even stronger.

1. Daisy is in Smash Brothers Ultimate

There was never any competition. In my very first top 10 list I made Daisy and honorable mention because I never believed that she even had a chance of being in the game. I was proven so wrong when Nintendo revealed Super Smash Brothers Ultimate. A literal dream come true for me this reveal in particular I have been asking for for years. I could easily do an entirely seperate list for characters i am hyped to see changed or return in this game after the presentation, but there could only be on. So, to make up for the snub before Daisy being in smash is by far my number one moment of E3 2018. What were your favorite moments? Do you think it should have been Geeno and not another charcater? Did i snub your favorite moment? Let me know in the comments below!

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