A New Symmetra on the Horizon

Welcome to her reality.

Right before E3 there was a major PTR update with lots of new things for people to try. There is a new looking for group option, becoming extremely detailed in how a person can look for a group. And, a new commendation aspect to the post game mechanics not seen before. Both of these have had mixed receptions as they can be both a solution to a problem, or a whole new set of problems on their own. Because with any new system there are going to be those who try to exploit the new mechanics, disguising themselves when searching for a group, offering rewards to those who would commend them, these are problems that we have no real way of knowing if they are real problems before hitting the live servers. There is one major change that is already going to be a problem and everyone knows it. Symmetra.ScreenShot_18-06-18_12-15-57-000

For those who are unaware of what her rework has changed. Her primary fire no longer locks onto a single person, it is a beam much like Zarya’s primary attack, it still powers up after doing damage, however, the time doing damage needed to power up has been decreased in order to compensate for the lack of aim assist. HEr turret count has been reduced by 3 but instead of placing she tosses them and the turrets output double the damage and slow they used to, essentially doing the job of all 6 turrets. Her secondary fire now travels almost twice as fast, and it explodes on impact, doing damage around the blast zone as well. Her teleporter no longer is an ultimate, becoming a regular ability that can move people or abilities through to a completely new spot for a short time. And, last but not least, her ultimate has become the proton barrier that she used to have, but it is now just 10x more than before. When placed, this is a wall that separates the entire map in two by a light barrier that is impossible to destroy in the time that it is up, if you focus on the wall when this ultimate is up, you are making a mistake.

Symmetra in her current state on live is about as useful as a floundering fish, every now and then they might surprise you, but after having played competitive with Symmetra mains against my will, I can be sure when I say they overall do more harm than good. Which is why this new rework is so exciting right? Maybe, while many of the existing problems will be solved, little reason for usage, people needing to die to make her ult useful, and just a kit that works in other games but not a fast paced game like Overwatch. This isn’t Symmetra’s first rework, in fact, she gets one about once a year now because she has always been so futile in the game. She no longer is the lowest picked hero (that distinction goes to Sombra) but that also isn’t a good thing. Overwatch has become more toxic since its release and old Symmetra is the figurehead of that. Allowing people to troll their team in unique was that other players just can’t.

Image result for symmetra rework gif

This is why the new Symmetra is such an exciting prospect. Old Symmetra was only really used in the lower tiers to troll when someone got triggered or a person didn’t want to ruin their MMR with their character after the rest of the team had given up. This new Symmetra still allows for it, just in a different way. Her teleporter is now a normal ability allowing even other abilities to pass through and create all new gameplay opportunities for a good team. A bad team, however, can feel the throw just as much as before, because if you throw an ultimate into a teleporter and it is in a bad spot, then a couple minute’s worth of ultimate charge has just been thrown out the window all thanks to a troll on your own team. She is also much more aim focused, instead of just holding down the shoot button and winning, Symmetra actually has to aim her beam to get anything out of it, making that all important damage that comes with a full charge that much harder to attain.

Image result for symmetra rework gif

On the positive side, however, Symmetra is basically going to be a brand new character, and that is really exciting. Her abilities when used properly are absolutely deadly. A good Symmetra can now carry the team and we will see her relevance shine in new ways when this rework goes through to live. The ability to move not only abilities, but characters to new spots instantaneously to give a new positioning edge to an Ana, or Reinhardt will enable all new comps to flourish and heroes may work better with other heroes like never before with the simple addition of a Symmetra.

Image result for symmetra rework gif photon barrier ultimate

Time will only tell if this Symmetra is broken in a good or bad way. If she has major flaws like the previous iterations of her, we could quickly see her fall back to the queen of the trolls extremely quickly, the Overwatch community will have a short rope with this character. However, if she does prove to be more useful, and the problems that the community had identified before were fixed, this could be the time where you see Symmetra all of the time. I believe that when she comes out she will be given a few weeks before she is nerfed back a little, gradually losing the ability to throw whatever the team wants through the teleporter. Because, in a ll reality, the rest of her kit is good and does its job in a much better way than before, the only concern for the community is the viability of the teleporter. If that proves to be fine, then there are no worries, and Symmetra has finally been upgraded and we don’t have to worry about her. If she isn’t fixed though, we may be seeing another rework by this time next year.

Image result for symmetra rework gif photon barrier ultimate

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