Kingdom Hearts 3 World Update


Where to next?

With E3 having come and gone and Square Enix having dropped a ton of bombs throughout the conference confirming a whole host of different things, its it finally time to see where everything stands right now in the post E3 aftermath. As of right now we have 9 confirmed worlds have been shown off to the public. Kingdom Hearts 2 had about 16 worlds of differing sizes and lengths, meaning that there have to be some more worlds being announced eventually, 9 worlds only seems like a few and there are still so many options to choose from. We will determine what worlds have already been announced, and what worlds might come next.

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During E3 three separate worlds were announced, making this a huge drop of information in just a week-span. Arendelle, Paris, and Port Royale were all confirmed to be included in the game. This extends an already lengthy pre-release list, including the likes of,Toy Story, Monster’s Inc., and Tangled. And, if a leak from the beggining of this year continues to be true, ( there are a few safe bets on what worlds are returning. However, there were some notable franchises left off the list, which begs the question what else. The way that I see it there are the slam dunks, bubble boys, and the shockers. Each having a different likelihood to be included in the game, some of these worlds will be referencing the leak previously stated, so for the full article and to read the entire leak yourself, which is remarkable accurate, see the link above.

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Slam Dunks

These are the worlds almost guaranteed to be included for one reason or another. The 100 Acre Wood hasn’t been revealed yet although it is almost guaranteed to come back. The ultimate side world in the Kingdom Hearts series, the 100 Acre Wood offers a great place to relax in game, I would love to see it have a bigger role and maybe bring Christopher Robbin in to beat up some heartless, but maybe that’s just me.

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Sora should also be getting ready to head to the bayou down south, with all this talk of the new Princesses of heart, Tiana is bound to make an apperance at some point, why not down in New Orleans? This offers a great diversity is representation of worlds, using New Orleans you can be in the city but still have segments out in the swamp making for some really cool gameplay mechanics.

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The last potential world seems like a certainty to be included is something from inside out, that movie is way too big to ignore and the diversity of Riley’s mind as a setting could make a good place, although it may feel awkward fighting heartless inside another person. This one is tricky, although if the willingness is there, I’m sure there’s a way to figure it all out.

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These are the worlds that are seen as right in that in-between area where there may be one reason or another that they may or may not be included in the game. The first one definitely has to be the Incredibles, with all of the Pixar love that this game has been getting it would only make sense to include one of the most recent franchises to make a huge return alongside its brand new movie. The only thing holding it back is when this game started development, it is recent enough to include frozen and seemingly still get the cast back together for it, and the incredibles would be suited, incredibly well for this game especially. Being able to switch between the 4 main incredibles as your additional partners, throw a little frozone in there and boom, you got a great world, youre welcome Square Enix.

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Another movie that has a huge popularity that still might not make it into the new game is Finding Nemo, this is a huge franchise, with a great story to tell and great setting. Water levels just get so tedious and every gamer hates them more than any other level with good reason. With the announcement of Ariel being a summon rather than her having her own world, this definitely opens up the possibility of seeing a finding Nemo world for sure, but do we NEED to see it is the question.

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Zootopia is another wildly popular Disney movie that definetly should get a world in this game, the characters, setting, it all fits into the style of the game so easily and would be a natural fit, it even has two partners ready to go in the main characters Hopps and Nick. Plus, it would be a great reason to finally see DOnald and Goofy in their marque outfits trying to blend in to the crowd, we’ve never seen them in those costumes before and it would be a really cool way to make them fit into the world more naturally.

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These are the worlds that have very little chance to get in and would, by name, be shocking to see them included. Like, for example, a star wars world. While a live action movie being included in the game isn’t unheard of, seeing multiple in the same game would lessen the effects and star wars has so many other games dedicated to just that universe that giving it a world in this game would feel almost unfair to the rest of Disney’s catalouge, I wouldn’t be unhappy, but I would be a little disappointed.

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The emperor’s new groove is one of my all time favorite disney movies but it is widely regarded as the beginning of one of Disney’s dark times. While I don’t necessarily agree that Disney not controlling the world for a few years is something we should blame this one movie for, Kuzco is still one of the greatest disney characters and in my heart, he will always be a princess of heart. However, Eartha Kitt, the voice of Yzma passed away and that world will never have a Villain that could replace her brilliance in the role. Sadly this movie won’t get the love and attention it truly deserves.

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Cars rounds off our list because who really wants to see Sora, Donald, and Goofy turn into cars. It’s a great movie, but the premise of them changing into cars to fit the world is just too much. Plus, how would car battling look? Wouldn’t that in some way promote desctrutive driving? There are way too many red flags with this movie to give it its own world, a summon or something similar may be pretty cool to see, but please, for the love of God Square Enix, do not make a Cars world.

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