Who is the 66th character in Smash?

As if we needed anyone else.

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Over E3 we got the simultaneous confirmation of 65 characters playable in smash, and with the information drop came a website update acknowledging that there are 66 playable characters, but they have only shown up to 65, of course December is a long ways away, and we still have plenty of time to figure it out, but why not ask the question now, who it the last confirmed fighter in Smash Bros. Ultimate?

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There are a number of fighters who it could be, ranging from characters who have grown in popularity more recently, and characters who have been begged for for a number of years, and at this rate it could be anyone. There are at least 3 separate characters that i can think of that could easily fill that last roster spot (until there are updates post launch of course.) but only one character can fill that spot, the last person they show off before the game releases.

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King K. Rool is a very popular choice, being the staple antagonist for the Donkey Kong series he has been asked for in a number of Smash games. Since the inclusion of Diddy Kong, this has been quite possible the most sought after member of DK’s universe. K.Rool could fill a number of much needed diversity that the game needs. He could be another tank presence, lining up beside the likes of Bowser, Gannondorf, and now Ridley. With the inclusion of Ridley this means that almost every single signature villain has been featured in smash as a playable character, except for K. Rool. He was on my original list of characters I want to see in the new smash brothers game, but because there is only seemingly one spot left, I just don’t see him being popular enough to make it in.

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Shovel Knight has become extremely popular, being heralded as ahead and behind the times in all the best ways. It plays perfectly, has a uniquely interesting story and everyone says that it would fit right in on the SNES or a classic Nintendo console. The new Shovel Knight DLC is also slated to release first on the Switch. Could they be waiting for a direct to announce the new shovel knight mode being available, and then ending with the glorious shovel entering the fray as a last clip? I could definitely see that happening, it would work so well and give some very deserved notaritey to an amazing game that deserves more praise than it gets. However, sadly he is just too new, he has technically only had one game, and it wasn’t funded by Nintendo, if he had a bit of history or just more justification I could definitely see him being included, but as it stands right now, there is at least 1 better option I can think of.

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Geeno, after having recently replayed Super Mario RPG i totally understand the hype around why this character would make a great addition to the franchise. The main knocks against him have basically been cleared and he has a new lease on life with the additions of Cloud and Ridley. Cloud proves that Square Enix is willing to participate in this and lend their characters to their world. Geno is the perfect bridge between these two worlds, reminding people of the old days before Square had the Enix attached to the end of it. Geno has been a requested character for as long as Ridley has. Definitely not longer, but he has still been one of the biggest requests from smash fans by far to date. Geno is basically Smash’s version of Half-Life 3. No one is going to expect it to happen until it does, however there are a ton of reasons to think that he has finally been given the chance.

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In Smash 4 with the inclusion of the Mii fighters, costumes were made available for the first time, and part of a DLC pack of characters was a mii costume of Geno, a real tease at the fan’s expense, spawning the joke that the Mii will be the closest people ever get to play as Geno. But, Sakurai has proven that he has really been listening and almost giving in to the demands of the fan base on all sides, including Ridley, bringing literally every single character back ever, even something so small as to change the Wii Fit Trainer’s face because the other development team was unhappy with it. Sakurai is truly trying to give us what we want, and the two characters that have been requested the most in the history of smash are Ridley and Geno. And, we already have half of the requests fulfilled, Smash Ultimate needs a retro character for this generation, and instead of making them a quirky addition like Game and Watch or R.O.B., make it Geno. But, at the end of the day, what’s important to remember is that Sakurai has already done an amazing job with this game, and Nintendo, and the fans, really, really needs to give him a break for a while.

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