Life is Strange 2 announced

Life and Timing is strange… apparently

In a move that can be seen as either a telling sign for the game, or a confident gesture at the work that they’ve done, Dontnod has announced Life is Strange 2. Not only that, but it is scheduled to come out very soon. IN a trailer that shows almost nothing but a trailer. We see the logo and nothing much else, really. Except, we are given a release date at the very end, September 27, 2018.

This isn’t the whole game, mind you. This is in the same vein as the last game in the series, an episodic adventure. So, while the first part of the game may be available soon, we are still going to have to wait to find out when the rest of the episodes are going to be released. There is no timetable yet on when the next four episodes will be out. The last game saw a new episode about every other month, I think we can expect it at least as quickly as that, if not sooner, now that Dontnod has the formula down.

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As for the timing, it is extremely odd to see them announce this game the week after E3, for some reason giving the stage time to The Awesome Adventures of Captain Spirit, a one episode spin-off set before the second game. That releases early next week, so it would make sense for Square Enix to want to give the spotlight to the game coming out sooner, until you realize that Captain Spirit is free. What Square Enix plans to do this year remains to be a mystery as this announcement is a bit of a surprise, if there are any updates on the story, we’ll have them here first on BYOG.

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