My Top 10 SNES games to review

The Super Nintendo Entertainment System (SNES) is see globally as one of the greatest and most influential game systems ever, owning some of the greatest games ever. I unfortunately have not gotten to play many of them at all. I have played a few games but not nearly was the SNES deserves I play. To fix this, I have decided to go back and review more classic games while the new ones come out. Some of the games on this list I have played, although none of them in a really long time. There will be one notable exception and that review comes out tomorrow. Without further ado, lets begin the list.

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10. Super Metroid

This game is the defining entry in the Metroid line, this is what inspired countless games after it spawning its own sub-genre in the Metroid-vania vein of games. This is a generational game that goes beyond just the best on a specific console, this is widely regarded as one of the greatest games ever. I have yet to play it, the Metroid franchise is one that I have never gotten deep into, that is until recently.

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9. Chrono Trigger

Chrono Trigger has one of the strongest cult followings in gaming. There is a wide fanbase for the games and it is universally loves and remembered as a classic. I had never heard of chrono trigger until I got to college, long missing the opportunity to play the game when it first came out. The RPG mechanics look real sound and I have never heard a bad thing about that game. The story is gripping and compelling, especially for what you could find on Nintendo Systems at the time, this one is a classic.

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8. Donkey Kong Country

This is one of the few games I did play growing up and I absolutely loved this game. The graphics were revolutionary at the time, the gameplay was awesome, and it gave birth to my favorite Kong, Diddy.. Before that we had only really seen Donkey Kong Jr. who felt out of place in the world. Diddy did everything that Donkey Kong couldn’t and it really defined the game so well. This is an amazing series and it will definitely show up on this website at some point in the future.

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7. Earthbound

Earthbound is one of the most notorious franchises in Nintendo’s prestigious history. Earthbound features a young kid named Ness who you have probably heard of through Super Smash Brothers as I did when I was younger. Mother, as it’s known in Japan, had three games, Earthbound was the second in the series, with Mother 3 having never been released in the United States. This game has become the Half-Life of Nintendo’s catalog, with people hoping and praying that a translation of the old game will come to surface at some point, to no avail. The original still stands as a classic on it’s own merit, as a defining RPG in Nintendo’s history, this is definitely a game to not be missed.

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6. Super Mario Brothers II Yoshi’s island

This spinoff title featuring everybody’s favorite green dinosaur saw huge success on this console, even enough that he has technically become his own franchise. Yoshi has been given the same treatment as Donkey Kong in that the character may show up wherever they please… minus the whole tax evasion stuff. And, the Yoshi series as a whole is known for taking risks, starting with the first game. This is an entirely new setting with pretty much all new characters, and only one cry that will haunt you in your dreams for the rest of your life.

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5. Kirby Superstar

This is easily Kirby’s best game, because it is not even one game, it is eight separate games rolled into one cartridge. This game had it all, short games, long games, races, battles, you name it. Everything and more is in this game and it will never be dethroned as long as they don’t make a new game with ten different modes, there is no debate over which Kirby game will always reign supreme. I am so excited to be able to review this game at some point.

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4.Donkey Kong Country 2: Diddy’s Kong Quest

Donkey Kong Country 2 is one of the rare games where the sequel exceeds the predecessor. DKC 2 introduced the world to Dixie Kong, another character made by Rare that define’s the series to this day. The music here is widely regarded as some of the best music to be in a video game period. This game will be remembered for a lot longer than almost any other game made. It’ll be exciting to dive into it and see first hand why it is so beloved.

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3. The Legend of Zelda: A Link To the Past

Easily one of the best titles in the Zelda Franchise, this game will always be remembered for its dungeons and open world. The day and night cycle and the ocarina before it got its own game. The legend of Zelda is one of the big franchises i have always regretted not getting into more, having only played Twilight PRincess. This would be a great entry into the series at its best. and definetly a game I am looking forward to playing.

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2. Super Mario World

Full disclosure, this was one of my all time favorite games growing up and in my mind there will never be another. I believe firmly that this is the greatest Mario game ever made and I hold true to that claim. This is easily one of the greatest games ever made. It is perfect head to toe, every level, every encounter is so memorable. The secrets absolutely blow your mind the first time you see them and it proves that you can do so much with not a lot at your disposal.

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1. Final Fantasy VI

Once I started doing the research for this game it easily shot up straight to number 1 on this list. VI is easily regarded the pinnacle in the long running series. When reading a few reflections on the game I decided to move around my review schedule to fit this game in sooner. For those who want to play a true final fantasy, this is the one.

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Honorable Mention: Secret Of Mana

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In all reality this game is on this list, it just didn’t get put on it today. It deserves every mention it gets and is truly one of the greatest games in a generation, There are too many great games on this system that I haven’t played yet and this just barely missed the list. On another day though, this is a solid choice to put on this list.


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