Hammond launches into Overwatch this week.

Another chimp from space? Why I’ll be a monkey’s uncle.

Blizzard have recently been in the works teasing a new hero coming to the game. Starting at the end of early last week blizzard started posting teaser clips of a random street graffiti-ed with posters including images of a monkey in space that is supposedly Hammond, however, there were other posters including the like of the Junker Queen. This led the internet to go wild with speculation over the weekend about what it might be. A teaser for a new hero, maybe a map, or even an event?

Then the entire weekend went by with nothing, the developers obviously taking a well deserved weekend. And, on Monday, we received another teaser, this time, the same scene, just from a different angle. Except there is one major difference between the first shot and the second shot, and I’ll let you see for yourself what exactly the difference is.

For those of you who might not have been able to catch it, it looks like a ginormous hamster-ball rolling across screen, but, if you look closer you can see a door. That means, that this is an escape hatch. The developers have been hinting towards this with a lot of the changes they have been making to maps recently. This includes changes not only on Horizon Lunar Colony, but Lijiang Tower as well, leaving small tidbits of info behind each time they update the maps with something new regarding the colony. These breadcrumbs have been hinting at a new hero for some time and we could finally be getting to see the new hero in action.

Everything that has been shown almost all but guarantees that Hammond will be next to join the roster. And, from the size of the ball it looks like he could be the new tank that the community has been asking for. It could totally work too, personally I would like to see a transformer style hero where rolling is only the movement option and Hammond expands into a cool body suit. Making the actual monkey the critical hit area, much like bastion when in turret form. Unfortunately that doesn’t look like its going to happen as all speculation has pointed to this being the wrecking ball hero in Junkertown that is featured on the posters.

Personally I don’t see the comparisons but that could honestly be just me. I think the hero should be in a mech suit kind of like snowball in Rick and Morty, except more advanced. Obviously equpped with weapons, but what kind of weapons would work? Well, early in development the team had designed a hero with a flamethrower, that could definitely work in a situation like this with a super intelligent specimen at what is essentially the worlds biggest scrap yard. The ultimate is a tricky one, usually they depend on different tropes in the character’s personality or abilities.  But, if i had to take a guess, I would imagine an ultimate like Doomfist’s with the pod launching from and crashing into the earth, but with a much smaller radius and higher damage. Unless Blizzard have something completely different planned for the character that is about the best guess I have of who it could possibly be. We should find out soon though, the new patch with a reworked symmetra went live, and a big patch like that usually sees a developer update come with it, but however this time there wasn’t much fanfare with this update. Leaving room for speculation that there is more coming this week, more than likely either today or tomorrow. So be on the lookout for Hammond to come to your Overwatch games in the near future.

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Does all this make sense? Am I crazy? Do you think it should be the Junker Queen instead? Let me know down in the comments below what you think.

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