Why lack of Cross-play may kill Sony

It's been a Fortnite since we've been able to play together Every E3 it comes out that Sony is completely against cross-play compatibility, and every year the internet gets outraged at the fact that Sony is the only company that is wholly resistant to this wave in gaming. Even Nintendo, known for being about 20... Continue Reading →

Kingdom Hearts 3 World Update

  Where to next? With E3 having come and gone and Square Enix having dropped a ton of bombs throughout the conference confirming a whole host of different things, its it finally time to see where everything stands right now in the post E3 aftermath. As of right now we have 9 confirmed worlds have... Continue Reading →

A New Symmetra on the Horizon

Welcome to her reality. Right before E3 there was a major PTR update with lots of new things for people to try. There is a new looking for group option, becoming extremely detailed in how a person can look for a group. And, a new commendation aspect to the post game mechanics not seen before.... Continue Reading →

Pokemon Snap: Retro Review

Gotta... Snap'em all? We are in the midst of the age of nostalgia. TV shows, Movies, even Video games are being rebooted to massive acclaim. Some titles have been revived in their full glory for people to experience all over again. The Crash N'sane Trilogy is a great example of bringing an old franchise back... Continue Reading →

Top 10 E3 2018 Moments

With E3 drawing to a close, it is finally time to talk about what makes E3 so special, the game reveals. This year saw a lot of epic moments from surprises like Cyberpunk 2077 stealing Microsoft's show, to BOTH Starfield and Elder Scrolls VI being confirmed by the man himself, Todd Howard. There were so... Continue Reading →

Super Smash Brothers Reaction

The Gang's all here I'll be honest, the rest of Nintendo's E3 presentation was good, the games shown were very good, but the real focus of today was showing off the new Smash Brothers game. All the other games were smaller and no other releases were talked about. Most were either released today or are... Continue Reading →

Sony E3 2018 Reactions

Welcome to the 1st church of Playstation Instead of the loud, bombastic approach of banging their chests and premiering tons of new games that absolutely broke people's minds. This E3 took a more subtle approach for Playstation. Starting the night in a church to promote The Last of Us Part II, Sony knew that the... Continue Reading →

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