Square Enix E3 Reactions

Blink and you might miss it. Square Enix delieverd a half-hearted E3 presentation that left much of the audience wondering why they even showed up. The games talked about had already been announced, and the presentation was only half an hour. Leaving no room for explanation or a deeper look into the games that they... Continue Reading →

Bethesda Conference Reactions!

We're all here for Todd Howard Bethesda knows what works. They have a great pulse on their fanbase and this year's E3 proved that and then some. Although it was tough to get through at first the content was there. New DLC for already released games, fallout 76 definitely did not disappoint, and we got... Continue Reading →

Microsoft E3 Presentation Reaction!

Cyber Punked at the end. This year Xbox pulled out all the stops to make it the biggest and best E3 they possibly could. Deciding to focus on a quantity over quality approach, Microsoft talked about 50(51?) games today, making this article impossible to do game by game. So, a bit of housekeeping, the major... Continue Reading →

EA Play Reactions!

So, does that mean I get to hold a Lightsaber? Never afraid to be the table setter, EA delivered an on-par performance. Acting as expected, most everything that EA talked about was in their usual wheelhouse of games. That didn't mean that there werent some surprises. EA certainly pulled a few tricks from their hat,... Continue Reading →

Top 10 E3 Reveals

Every year the race for E3 is to see who can bring out the biggest and best games coming to the consumer at some point. Many games are revealed and often times with how much news is being broken during the week it is hard to stand out from the rest of the crowd. There... Continue Reading →

Nintendo E3 Preview

Since the launch of the switch Nintendo has hit it out of the park with everything they have done so far. This is a company that looks like the complete opposite of the Wii U era. Plus with Smash Brothers on the Horizon it looks like Nintendo is going to keep this gravy train as... Continue Reading →

PlayStation E3 Preview

Sony has absolutely dominated this console cycle, with the huge PR win they had the year that the two next-gen consoles debuted they have continued to put the pedal to the metal and keep increasing the lead between themselves and the rest of the competition, and with the game lineup coming out this year from... Continue Reading →

Third Party E3 Preview

Third party games are some of the most important games coming out today, these are the games that are going to be on game of the year watch from the moment they are announced until they are released, some of the biggest games come from these companies, and they all have bigger and better presentations... Continue Reading →

Microsoft E3 Preview

Microsoft has had a rough generation, starting out a clear second between the terrible Wii u and getting absolutely crushed by Sony at the start of the generation has had Microsoft playing on the back foot the whole cycle. And recently with the release of the Switch, Nintendo has gained a lot of ground and... Continue Reading →

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