The Awesome Adventures of Captain Spirit Review

 A classic Superhero origin story.

Life is Strange likes to take classic childhood themes and put their own imaginative spin on them. Whether it be being able to turn back time and undo certain choices or events that yourself or anyone else has made or even having superpowers. No kid can truthfully say that they never wanted either of these in their own way. This is what makes The Awesome Adventures of Captain Spirit so cool, it touches the same imaginative part of the player’s brain, and instead of outright having powers, the way the game is presented gives the feeling of super powers.

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Captain Spirit is set in the same universe as the original Life is Strange. Appearing to not be too far removed from the pacific northwest themselves, after reading a few background tidbits you can pick up while exploring the world. The art style is almost exactly the same as the old game but with a few touch ups. The game seemed brighter and definitely felt like it popped off the screen more than the original.  The camera work was a lot of fun as it mimicked having real powers with its creative usage of a young boy’s imagination. Allowing him to build his powers around the world that surrounds him instead of having an assortment of powers that work well together gameplay wise.

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The game plays almost exactly the same as the original life is strange, with a few tweaks to adjust to the character. Instead of a time mechanic, there are decisions and what it boils down to is a super decision. This super decision usually involves Chris using his powers to interact with the world in some way. Some of the puzzles are extremely tough, the phone puzzle is by far the hardest in the game. A good hint though is hotdogman (a phrase I never thought I’d write.) He is directly involved with the code although I won’t say anything else because of spoilers. Also, don’t go for the high score on the game, I beat it and got nothing from it, just play it and enjoy. Other than that particular puzzle the game was relatively straightforward. Although, you don’t need to complete all of the puzzles to finish the game, so if you’re struggling with one, it is truly okay to skip it.

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As usual however, the story is the main attraction with a series like this. While spoiling as little as I can, it is a really surprising story considering the marketing. If you allow yourself to be immersed in this world it will give you a real story. This game doesn’t pull any punches because the character is so young. As soon as you think one thing is resolved generally it’s proven not to be finished quite yet. This game left a lot of loose ends open story wise which sets them up well for Life is Strange 2. In which, while it is left vague, it makes it seem like Chris will be the main protagonist in the upcoming game.

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Overall this game had a surprising story about making the best of a bad situation, in maybe the lightest way ever. Chris is an adorable protagonist and one that people can relate to. The gameplay feels like an episodic story game, it isn’t the most engaging but the story makes up for that. If you take the time to explore the world and enjoy the little things in it, it pays off. The more you put into this game, the more you get out from it. If you want to rush through and see the ending that’s fine, you can. But, you can also take your time and find the clues throughout the world that tell a much deeper story than the surface would suggest. It is a free game, it takes about 2-4 hours depending on how much time you take with each puzzle. If you are looking for an introduction to life is strange and what it is all about. This is what you’re looking for. If you know the series well then this will be a good way to brush up on the mechanics and find out what’s different. I wholeheartedly recommend it.

Rating: 7/10


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