Is Google the next big console maker?

The Next Wave of Video Games?

Reports from earlier is this week indicate google is starting to make a push into the video game market, details have been sparce as this has been a very recently developing story. However, there is some early speculation as to what the end result might look like.

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When building a brand new console it is important to think of how they want to build it, are they building a major machine specifically made for gaming, or could it be one of the newer styles of consoles that streams games like the occulis rift and the steambox. This simple decision will drastically influence how the system will do at launch. The safe bet would be to build a console like an Xbox or a PlayStation, this will assure the most news coverage as google will be attempting to add a 4th pillar to the gaming console market.

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A bulkier system like the major competition would be an awesome way to see Google go, there is definitely still a market for new consoles, and the timing could be perfect as this generation cycle is starting to close, making this the perfect time for something newer and more powerful to debut, catching the eyes of many before the new generation begins and the lines are essentially re-drawn. Getting themselves a noticeable installation base with the most important aspect of console making today, the games. More recent reports have noticed google has been acquiring game development companies and creating their own. Proving a more serious tone for the skeptics who don’t believe google will do it.

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However, the alternative route for Google, is to just release a system similar to other, smaller devices on the market. These streaming focused consoles are much smaller and more compact, and ironically enough, have been commercial flops compared to the numbers of the big three. This route is much, much riskier but it could turn out to be a success. Google has the money to dump into this and they have recently shown that they do care about gaming with the looseneing of restrictions of demonitization on Youtube videos and adding a seperate streaming platform for gamers in mind.

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If this system is real, and the predictions about it being a streaming device are true. Then There could be major roadblocks ahead for this new endeavor. Many attempts have been made to get the streaming system on the market but all have failed. Even one of the biggest gaming companies out there, Valve, the inventors of Steam failed with their attempt. It is incredibly hard to get noticed with a system on the market like that, comparing it to the major systems and their lack of limitations compared to these smaller systems.

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However, if there is one company that can break the mold in this area it is Google. They have the money to be able to strike out for a little bit before they are pressured to give up on the system. If there are quality games being produced that attract attention then there is a very good shot at Google making waves with this new system. However, they have to start out strong. The first impression with a system like this is the most important part of the launch. Too many other systems have succeeded or failed with their first impression. If Google can do enough to make themselves look different enough in the marketplace there is a very good chance that this console will have staying power. What do you think? Is this too risky? Would you be interested in a new streaming console if it was made by Google? Let me know in the comments down below!

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