Gamers Seriously Need to Calm Down

For Real Guys.

As I woke up this morning and looked through YouTube I found a video from an Overwatch content creator whom I never followed very well because I preferred other channels, but still enjoyed the content of his work.The channel I am referring to is the biggest Overwatch content creator Unit Lost. He has been dedicated to the game since the Beta and has been in love with the game and sharing it with his audience for years. His comment section has turned so negative that he no longer feels welcome as a content creator and that is sad. He has been a mainstay in the Overwatch community from the very beginning. And now the community has made him such a joke that he made a video talking about his current thoughts and many of them revolved around him retiring his channel and moving on. Which is heartbreaking to hear for someone who still loves putting in the work and doing what they are doing. But, then I realized Stylosa is far from the first person to express this. Gamers are abusive, plain and simple. And that needs to be fixed.

Legitimate death threats are a common practice in the game industry sadly. Virtual anonymity provides a powerful shield to hide behind and go overboard with jokes when a gamer doesn’t get their way.  One of the best examples of this comes from Hello Games in 2016, when the then hotly anticipated No Man’s Sky was delayed. Sean Murray, the Director of Hello Games and the face of No Man’s Sky confirmed on Twitter that he had received death threats over the delay. Masahiro Sakurai has received threats on twitter following the de-confirmation of Waluigi as a playable character in Super Smash Brothers Ultimate. These are common themes when any little thing upsets a portion of the audience to the point that they feel it necessary to take it to extreme measures.

Even predictions and expectations set by the community have become more aggressive. Companies next games are being announced and discussed years in advance. Bethesda is the most recent example of needing to meet the high expectations set by their audience. Bethesda has made very clear that Starfield is the next in-house game being developed and even that is far away. However, at E3 this year, Bethesda formally announced Starfield just so they could announce The Elder Scrolls VI. There was no gameplay shown, there wasnt even a real trailer, the clip was just a logo. This is totally out of Bethesda’s style of presenting, and surely they were aware of how excited people are for the next Elder Scrolls because it was the main thing being talked about by the major news sites.

It is okay to want the newest thing and it is also perfectly okay as a consumer to not like a product and choose to not purchase it. Affecting a company’s bottom line is the most important tool at getting a point across. However, sending threats and completely looking past the content that is being created because it is not what had been previously anticipated from the companies is extremely unfair to the people that put their hearts and souls into the game. Be critical of the game, point out its flaws to the world so that we may learn from them. However, it is never right to go after someone in the entertainment industry because a product isn’t exactly what you wanted, and doing do is over the line and needs to start being called out for what it is, childish. This type of behavior shouldn’t be accepted in the community and people should start taking a harder stance on those who bully on the internet. Myself included, we all need to do better in how we present ourselves on the internet. Let’s all promise to do better, starting today.

What do you think, is this story overblown? Am I being too sensitive to the creators? Should they just man up and get used to it instead? Let me know down in the comments down below!


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