Why the Philadelphia Fusion were guaranteed to beat the Boston Uprising.

Never Even Stood a Chance.

Philadelphia moved onto the second round and punched their ticket to see the New York Excelsior in the semifinals of the first playoffs last night. And, while the Boston Uprising gave it a great run, after they lost the first match on Wednesday, they never had a chance to get back in it.

Let’s start with the factors that weighed against the Uprising that were caused by their surroundings. Having to win 2 matches in a row is brutal, especially with only a half an hour break in between the matches, it has to feel nearly impossible to win both because they had to seemingly play every single map just to get to that third set. They had to exhaust all of their best strategies to get to the third set, while Philadelphia just had to win one set, they had a much larger window for error than the Uprising, allowing them to have a better counter punch in the second set. Which is why they looked much stronger on the maps they played earlier in the day again in the second set. Junkertown was still a loss but it was a very close match, and Hanamura went the other way entirely, winning the series for them.

What do you think? Did the Fusion clutch up? Did the Uprising choke this away? Let me know in the comments down below!

Which brings me to what the Uprising could have done to succeed in the third set. By the time the map selection had reached assault the Uprising were mentally beaten. The fact that they didn’t choose Volskaya after suffering their only loss to Philly on Wednesday showed in their selection. They were more worried about beating their opponent rather than playing their game and putting the game-plan into effect.  Their Widowmaker play from Kellex was alright, he showed he is a much better defender than attacker with Widowmaker because of the stark contrast in kills and final blows in the Payload/Hybrid maps. This Meta really didn’t suit the uprising and they let the Fusion and their self-proclaimed “clutch” gameplay get inside their heads and they didn’t play like the team they had been. However, that is not to say that the Uprising lost it. By every measure, Philadelphia went out there and won the series convincingly and look to be a strong opponent against the NYXL next week.

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