Overwatch League first Playoffs recap

Overwatch Me!

The long haul of the Overwatch league is finally over! One season in the books, the Spitfire have raised the trophy, now all that’s left is to talk about the playoffs. The first playoffs of the Overwatch League proved to be some of the most exciting entertainment. As there were upsets, hard fought matches, and most importantly, the finals in particular proved how successful the Overwatch League was this year.

All of the matches were filled with interesting plays and specific highlights to fill its own highlight reel. This includes awesome D.Va bombs, team wipes with almost one person, (Thank you Profit) and fun new strategies that would never work in a regular competitive match. Some of the biggest, best, and most flashy plays were shown off for the world to see. Literally, this was not only a huge moment for Overwatch, but Esports in general. As ESPN aired the first finals match Friday night on ESPN, something that had never been done before. Adding another first was the fact that Esports in general was shown on National TV. A recap of the finals was shown on ABC the day after everything had completed and a look like that is amazing.

The play shown off was even better, both sides fought very hard but it was clear that there was no one better than the London Spitfire. After losing to the LA Gladiators in the first match of the playoffs they were unbeatable. Never losing a set and barely dropping a map. Their teamwork, coordination, and most importantly in the finals, communication was perfect. This London team was the team that everyone talked about at the beginning of the season. The amount of talent that they have on the team is incredible. The team synergies work so well together, the tanks always knew where they needed to go, the DPS always picked the perfect target to win a fight. The healing always seemed to be there at the right times. The Fusion played well, however by the end of the second day they looked either tired or lost. When just the week before they played New York so well that it looked like Philly had the team that didn’t lose more than 10 games in the regular season. They had none of that against the spitfire. London played heads and shoulders above everyone else. There was no one in that tournament who could have stopped the freight train that was the London Spitfire.

The first playoffs, and season overall, of the Overwatch League surpassed all expectations. The finals sold out the Barclays Center both nights, and the fan reception was incredible. Things look very positive for the league as it enters the next season. Teams are already bidding on new spots and some have already been guaranteed. And there are very interesting story lines starting for next season with the teams that exist. Where do the New York Excelsior go from here? Will the London Spitfire be able to maintain the success they found at the end of the season? These are all questions that can only be answered with time. But damnit does the preseason feel like a long time away.

Most importantly though, I want to know what you guys think. Are you glad the London Spitfire won? Who do you think will win the next season? Who’s your favorite team and what do you want them to do in the off-season? Let me know in the comments down below! And read on at BYOG.

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