Mandagon Review

Your Moment of Zen Calm, quiet, serene, and dark. These are the best words to describe Mandagon, a free game available on the Steam store that was released in 2016. In a world based on Tibetan Theology and Philosophy according to the game's page on steam, this is a spiritual game with a deep story... Continue Reading →

Is the Switch saving RPGs?

A new Golden Age? Recently Octopath Traveler released exclusively on the Switch and it has surpassed all expectations by a very large margin, the physical copy even completely sold out of certain stores it was so popular. This begs the question, why? What set this game out from the rest that it literally sold out?... Continue Reading →

The Case for Role Que

It's Time, Blizzard. We have officially completed eleven seasons of competitive Overwatch over the course of 3 years now. And the shape and structure of the game has changed drastically since the launch of the game. Especially considering the fact that Overwatch didn't even have a competitive mode when it first launch, instead being added... Continue Reading →

Thoughts and Prayers…

When I first started this blog I wanted to use it as an escape from the toxicity of daily life and the horror of the world around me. However, this afternoon, unfortunately my worst fear came to fruition when another shooting occurred in Florida at a Madden tournament. This is a horrible, tragic, and most... Continue Reading →

Let’s Talk About Plagiarism

Last week it was discovered that Filip Miucin, a former editor at IGN had plagiarized an article reviewing the game Dead Cells. This has set off a firestorm of controversy regarding theft, imposing power onto a smaller source, and a blatant disregard for the well being of other people. While I could write an entire... Continue Reading →

What it’s like to beat new game plus

Hint, it feels really really good. Recently I loaded up a game of Shovel Knight's most recent DLC, (It's still a few years old, but there is supposed to be another DLC coming this year sometime so it is the most recent.) This DLC is Specter of Torment, starring now protagonist Specter Knight. This game... Continue Reading →

Sunset Overdrive Review

Rated R- for Fucking Ridiculous Sunset Overdrive is one of the rare games in existence that is so hard to compare to any other game. This is more than likely why the game performed so poorly upon release in 2014. A game like this is incredibly difficult to market because of just how different it... Continue Reading →

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