Top 10 Characters that could STILL make it into Smash Ultimate

As if we needed more.

The recent Nintendo Direct focusing on Super Smash Brothers Ultimate showcased so much information, but the biggest takeaway from that major content drop is the realization that there is still plenty more info to come before the release of the new game in December. And, it would appear as if we have almost all the information on almost everything in the new game. Aside from the new spirit mode (apparently, from what people have decoded) there are still plenty of questions that need to be answered. Like where is that Rathalos fight, is 103 the final stage count or can we expect more, and maybe most importantly, just how many characters are there going to be in this game? The new direct announced 2 original new characters and 3 echo fighters bringing the new grand total of playable characters up to 70 by my count. There is still more to come too according to Sakurai, so if there is more, just who could it be?

10. Chibi-Robo

Image result for chibi robo

Chibi-Robo was a relatively small game that never quite hit it big with audiences around the world.That being said it wasn’t like he was unpopular either. He did find a small amount of success in the Gamecube era when he was first announced but he has been largely forgotten since that time. When Nintendo posted a picture of him on fire people assumed it meant that he was being included. This saw a significant spike in popularity that could very well see him be the “strange” character that this game lacks. He could join the likes of Game & Watch, R.O.B., and the Ice Climbers as historic characters that don’t necessarily fit in today’s Nintendo. Personally I think it would be cool to see him be playable, and my original concern was size, but if Pichu and Ridley can be included, I see no reason why this niche character can’t be included as well.

9. Sora

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Alright, hear me out. Square Enix is on great terms with Nintendo right now. The massive success of Octopath Traveler combined with the fact that Cloud, Square’s most prized character has now been included in technically 3 separate Smash Brothers games. (3DS, WII U, Ultimate) And Kingdom Hearts is a significant game for many reasons, including the following that is has retained over the past 10 years while waiting for Kingdom Hearts 3. The development team seems to be taking cues from other games like Super Smash Flash where these popular characters are included into the game unofficially, and Sora has been on many of those lists. It would certainly be an odd choice, one that I’m not sure if I would be happy with if it did happen, but after what we have seen so far, anything really is possible.

8. Birdo

With the inclusion of Chrom and the revelation that an echo fighter does not necessarily have to be a 1:1 mirror of another character and they can share moves. It totally makes sense for Birdo to be included as an Echo fighter for Yoshi. Instead of eating people like Yoshi, Birdo can instead eat people and shoot eggs like shown in the trailer for King K.Rool and his blunderbuss. This mechanic could be really unique and make her play like her own character while still being not that different from Yoshi. Birdo has a surprisingly long history with the Mario franchise, popping up originally in Super Mario Brothers II (USA) and being featured as a boss, or enemy, or even playable character in many different Mario games across time and she is an odd character to be left behind in a game like this. She has had a trophy in almost every game but that has been about it. Brido could be another nice feminine addition to the cast adding more variety to the overall roster.

7. Isabelle

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Animal Crossing has become one of Nintendo’s most endearing franchises because of just how unique and different it is from almost any other game. The Villager was the most obvious representative to be included and in Smash 4 he finally was given a shot. Now that he is firmly cemented as a playable character it might be time to give a shot to a new character. Although not my first choice of preference, Isabelle seems like the most likely candidate because of how popular she has become in the last few years with her inclusion in the new Animal Crossing games. Her plucky can-do attitude has resonated with Nintendo fans so much that she was an assist trophy in the last game. However, she hasn’t been shown yet at all, and multiple leaks have reported her being made a playable echo fighter of the Villager. I honestly think this could be a fun idea. The villager moveset is unique and giving more options of how to play it could make the character a lot of fun.


Okay hear me out. While it may seem like a Gen 7 Pokemon would be a natural fit for the game, production on this game wasn’t started until 2015, this was before Gen 7 had been released. And the popularity of characters was extremely hard to tell. Adding Alolan Pokemon to the pokeballs is an easy thing, they are stage hazards that generally perform one task and disappear. It is easy enough to add those in later, however characters need to be decided much sooner. Garedevoir honestly feels like a Lucario type Pokemon that has had enduring fans over time that have made her one of the most favored non gen 1 or 2 Pokemon. Also notable is the fact that she hasn’t been shown in the game yet as a Pokemon, even though there have been two separate highlight reels now showing off honestly so many Pokemon. Above I included a YouTube video that explains a leak and what it gets right. I personally felt the idea was crazy until I heard a different reasoning and now I believe that it is entirely possible that Gardevoir can be included. The video talks about the Pokemon specifically towards the end, if interested. However, the entire video does a good job going in depth covering the leak and the direct.

5. Banjo-Kazooie

Related image

Call me hopeful but I still believe that there is a legitimate chance that this happens. As I said in my first top 10 counting down my most anticipated characters, Phil Spencer has said multiple times that he was okay with the duo showing up in the game. Also, if memory serves me right, Sakurai considered them for Melee before Rare was purchased by Microsoft. And with such great recent relations between the two companies it would be great marketing to have one of the most dynamic duos in gaming return to their original producer. The only problem I can imagine is either a money or some character specific detail behind the scenes that has held up the inclusion that people have so wanted. That is of course pure speculation, with no real way to know what exactly is holding these icons of the 90s back from this game there is no real way of knowing why they aren’t included yet.

4. Shadow the Hedgehog

This one is simple. Shadow is an insanely popular character from the Sonic series, so popular that he even got his own spinoff game during the gamecube era. Knuckles has been shown off multiple times as a new assist trophy during the Smash Directs, and Shadow has been nowhere to be seen. With the overall theme of including more villains into the roster, it actually makes a lot of sense to include Sonic’s rival and local anti-hero Shadow into this game. Shadow was basically added into the Sonic series as an echo of Sonic, it would only make full sense for it to come full circle and see him be made playable in this new game.

3. Rayman

Image result for rayman smash bros trophy

After the announcement of Rayman having a trophy in the last Smash Brothers, it started a wildfire of speculation of whether or not this classic character would make it into the game. Since then Ubisoft published Mario + Rabbids Kingdom Battle, which saw huge success on the Switch and even contended for a game of the year slot in an already packed Switch lineup. Included in this is the fact that Starfox is a playable character in the new Ubisoft toys-to-life game Starlink. There is a lot of good will between the two studios and have doubled down on their friendship in recent years. While someone like Ezio may be a more appropriate representation of modern Ubisoft, Rayman still holds historical significance and people were seriously disappointing when it was revealed that Rayman was just a trophy in the last game. I expect this to change as Ubisoft is one of the few companies that doesn’t have real representation as a company that has worked with Nintendo for a long time. Ubisoft deserves a representative in this game and Rayman is a far better option than any of the Rabbids. Please don’t make Rabbids playable characters.

2. Skull kid

Image result for skull kid gif

These last two characters are a coin flip between 1 and 2 in how likely they are to be announced. But in all honestly I guarantee that skull kid and the next character will be included in the new smash game. When Skull kid was announced as an assist trophy Sakurai went to special lengths to make it clear that he was not a playable character in the game. This time around we have the moon as a new assist trophy and Skull kid has been nowhere to be seen. Following the trend of other notable characters missing up until the big reveal were Dark Samus and Chrom. He was also turned into a Mii costume in the last game and if all these signs point to something, it means that a big reveal may be coming. Heck people are even speculating about the colors of chairs having hidden meaning behind hinting at this new character. Sakurai understands how popular this character is and I think he finally gets his chance.

1. Geno

In the history of Super Smash Brothers, no other character has been mentioned by Sakurai as someone he personally wants to see in the game that has not made it in. During the Brawl development Sakurai had to cut Geno due to unknown reasons. Then he was planned for in the Wii U version but ultimately was only made a Mii costume. However if Skull Kid and the other characters from the Mii costumes mean anything, we more than likely have a greater than normal chance of seeing this enduring icon that has only been in one singular game being included. Seemingly everyone wants to see Geno finally make an appearance in this game. And, with the magnitude of the project being overwhelmingly greater than any before it, it seems like Sakurai only needs to snap his fingers and he can acquire who he wants. It may be more wishful thinking but I am willing to bet real money that Geno will be included in this game. Sakurai will move heaven and the earth itself to include this star warrior. Square Enix has been surprisingly supportive, allowing Cloud to almost become a series staple in being included in 3 different games, and Geno is the most wished for character. I think we can be confident that this long awaited character finally gets his shot in the new Smash game.

Bonus! Scorpion

Nintendo and the Mortal Kombat franchise actually have a long running history together dating back to the original console games. It would be cool to see one of the original major fighting game characters appear in the biggest fighting game in the world. Ed Boon loves his crossovers as shown in almost any game he makes today and it would show an even more mature side from Nintendo. I don’t think seeing him in the base game is possible, but with the promise of DLC and continued support after the game launches, who knows maybe it could be possible after all. Besides, who wouldn’t love to drag Bayonetta down to hell in the most gruesome final smash ever. It would be even better if he could be a hard counter to her after all the hate she has gotten.

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