The Case for Role Que

It’s Time, Blizzard.

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We have officially completed eleven seasons of competitive Overwatch over the course of 3 years now. And the shape and structure of the game has changed drastically since the launch of the game. Especially considering the fact that Overwatch didn’t even have a competitive mode when it first launch, instead being added a few patches later. Since then we have seen many different metas and changes to the overall scope of the game, but after all this time there is still one thing that fans have been asking for that has never been delivered on, role que.

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When the competitive scene first launched we still had a completely different outlook on the game,  not only were there drastically fewer characters and maps, but a lot of the smaller details of the game were different. For example, in season one, if there was a tie, (Which happened much more than today) a sudden death occurred, resulting in weird tie-breaking rules, which has now infamously become known as the coin-flip meta. This was patched out due to major fan backlash due to the unfair nature of the concept. Another idea that was scrapped long ago was the idea of duplicate heroes in competitive. 6 Torbjorns was a legitimate strategy for a while that sometimes felt impossible to beat with little coordination.

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This is why when the Overwatch Development team said in the past that they don’t want to determine the meta, I get confused. By making the quality of life changes that they have made, they have set a standard meta in some ways. No longer can there be 2 D.VAs an Anna, 3 Mercy’s and a Genji. All 6 spots now are taken by different, separate characters that fill a unique role, which does define the meta. By no means am I saying that it was a bad change, quite the opposite, I think it was a great change. One that can also be said for role que.

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If the development team take what they have built for Looking for Group, and build upon it, there could be something special there. For example,  you can have select que settings where you can prefer to be paired with other people who prefer to be in a similar type of composition. Let’s say someone wanted to que to be a support in a 2-2-2 comp, they could have it quick saved for when they que up. There can be a variety of options covered and gives the player a new sense of responsibility over the game, filling a spot that largely feels random now. While of course, there will be drawbacks, and no plan is perfect, this certainly seems like a step in the right direction compared to how the game feels now. I played almost 50 hours of competitive this season and much of the time, my games felt out of my control. And, it is tiresome to rise and fall in the same SR range for an entire season with no real sense of accomplishment. Especially when you feel like a cog in a much larger system.

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Overall I think Overwatch is struggling right now, I think the gameplay side is finally getting close to back to where it should be, and now that the Overwatch league can stand on its own, it is time to soft refresh the game. Starting with a new event, or some refresh of the old event. Because even as big of a Lucioball fan as i am, I have barely played this season because it doesn’t feel special anymore. This event feels lackluster and it isn’t looking great for Halloween either. Adding this small feature could do wonders to turn the spirits of the Overwatch community around. It’s time, Blizzard has set the meta before, and the community is begging them to do it again. It’s been about 3 years now, and the overall shape and scope of Overwatch is in a better spot than it was, but it still has a lot of room to improve.

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That’s just what I think though, tell me what you think down below! And don’t forget to like, comment and subscribe for more from BYOG.

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