Is the Switch saving RPGs?

A new Golden Age?

Recently Octopath Traveler released exclusively on the Switch and it has surpassed all expectations by a very large margin, the physical copy even completely sold out of certain stores it was so popular. This begs the question, why? What set this game out from the rest that it literally sold out? Well, of course a lot of the credit goes to the game, despite it’s horrible name, the game has a lot going for it. 8 separate stories and as many playable characters, the game itself looks great running on the switch with its unique art style, and the gameplay just looks fun. However, there is one reason above all else that I think  people jumped to this game. Where you can play it.

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The Switch is a phenomenal game console with a rapidly growing library, and a growing list of major games that have been proven to be able to be translated over. The most unique thing about the system is the nature of its portability and how it is able to run full games on its own. This has given new life to many games and their respective genres, although none more so than RPGs. The most common complaint you hear about the RPG genre is that you don’t have enough time to play as much of it as you want. With the portability and strength of the Switch, that is much less of a problem. Because now any time there is some free time, there is a chance to play the RPG. Riding in a car, waiting in a waiting room, you always have a chance to get some grinding in on an RPG, which is so different compared to having to set aside time and plan to grind or play and RPG. This opens up a whole new world, solving a problem that seemed almost impossible to solve before.

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The Switch has breathed new life into one of the oldest genres in gaming and opens up a whole new avenue for RPGs to thrive. A full RPG can be played anywhere, giving just enough time to grind somewhere and be strong enough to play the boss or go through the cut-scene when you get home. It is brilliant and you can be sure to see more titles like Octopath Traveler being made for switch, not just because I said so, Square Enix has confirmed that they intend on making more titles exclusively for the system after the success of the game. The Switch could be the savior the RPG genre never knew it needed, becoming the home for decently sized games that can be played offline. Taking the burden off of Nintendo’s first party lineup and providing more variety for all Switch owners. This seems like a major win for Nintendo not just in sales but also going forward. This renewed Nintendo is on top of its game and you can expect more smart decisions going forward.

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That’s just what I think though, tell me what you think down below! and don’t forget to like, comment, and subscribe for more BYOG.

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