September Nintendo Direct Reactions!

Maybe Next Time Tom. Nintendo finally premiered the surprise direct from last week to the public. Showing, as predicted by many, larger titles coming to the switch not just this year but next year as well. The games for next year, of course, did not come with an official release date. However, we did... Continue Reading →

Nintendo Direct Predictions

Gazing into the Crystal Ball With the recently announced Nintendo Direct having been delayed due to the earthquake in Hokkaido. And now that the damage is recorded and power has been restored to the majority of the city and the affected area, the wait is on for Nintendo to announce the new date for their... Continue Reading →

Top 10 Games still coming in 2018

This year has already been great for gamers with hits like God of War, Celeste, and Mario Tennis Aces, the quality of game this year across the board has been astounding with some new standard bearers taking the charge early on this year. The second half of the year looks just as packed as there... Continue Reading →

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