Why the Smash Pro Controller is doomed to fail.

Not even Pros use this controller.

Let me start by saying I love the design of the controller for the new Smash. I think it is a great way to promote the game and the design is sick as hell. I think on paper this is a great idea, and for any other game it would be the perfect way to generate a lot of great sales from the controller for the game, especially bundling it with the game. However, there is one major issue that Nintendo has completely ignored with this new controller, the fact that not many asked for it.

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As said before, any other game this would be a huge win in promoting a game. The design is sleek and the controller is generally the preferred way to play many of the games on the switch. However, is anyone going to use it? This game is so targeted at the core Smash audience because of everything else that has changed from the last game to this game. But, as much as things change some things stay the same. In this case, it is the controls. The button layout on the Gamecube controller has been seen for decades now as the best way to play the game. Every professional player is using the original Gamecube controller instead of any other type of control scheme because it is universally deemed as the most efficient way to play the game. Even people like myself who have followed the game for years prefer to use the Gamecube controller, and it is even a worry of mine that the option won’t be allowed every time a new game comes out. Surely I’m not alone in this because of the persistence of the popularity of the controller. And, on the other hand, new players might not feel invested enough in the game to buy a custom 70 dollar controller when they can buy a less expensive version on Amazon or Ebay. Which begs the question, who is this marketed for?

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The short answer? The collectors. These are the minority who need smash brothers everything. These are the people pre-ordering Amiibo before their release, the ones who buy the consoles just to play the game. These are the people Nintendo know will buy the controller, if for no other reason than to sit it on a shelf and display it for other people to see. And, while the Smash Brother’s audience certainly has more than its fair share of collectors due to the historic nature of the game, does Nintendo believe that this controller will sell as well as the game? I certainly hope not, otherwise they are in for a hard surprise. By no means do I think this controller won’t sell, it just doesn’t seem like it will sell as well as it is hyped up to be. Of course, what they’ll make in controllers is pennies compared to how well the game and console are going to sell. So maybe this is all a moot point because this controller just seems like a novelty that is made to be a collector’s item to sit on a shelf. Long story short, even though Twitter got excited for it, don’t expect the Smash Pro Controller to change the world, or even the way people play Smash. If you have a spare $70 and don’t mind getting a new controller with it, then get it, but otherwise this leaves me unimpressed. But, the new Amiibo are gonna be really cool.

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But, That’s just what I think. Tell me what you think down in the comments down below! And, don’t forget to like share and subscribe for more BYOG.

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