How Sunset Overdrive Influenced Spiderman

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With the recent release of Insomniac’s newest game Spiderman reaching critical acclaim, I feel that it is necessary to talk about the predecessor that couldn’t quite reach the notoriety that the most recent game has. Sunset Overdrive was an Xbox exclusive that for the most part was a decent flop. I reviewed it myself and personally loved it, enough that I bought the DLC to keep playing. And, after having gone back and thought about my time in Sunset Overdrive, I remember all the same feelings playing that game that I have been feeling recently.

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Insomniac has a weird way of making the most addictive open world games. As someone who rarely enjoys open world games, I always find myself wanting to complete any Insomniac game with an open world. Whether it be Sunset Overdrive or Spiderman, I find myself bound and determined to complete any and all quests in the game, before even reaching the half way point of Spiderman, I had completed my collection for two sets of collectibles because I had naturally found myself over the half way mark, or even closer to done, and figured why not. Insomniac has a way of building their worlds so that doing side quests never become tedious, they can be something done in the background or actively pursued.

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When comparing the two games side by side, the most recognizable trait is the momentum and how traversing across the map is quick, effortless, and if you touch the ground you’re doing it wrong. There is no slower way to get to where you need to go in either of these games than walking. Of course, both have a run button if you prefer to leg it, but with a plethora of options given to you it feels like the worst way to go somewhere when you are playing. Other Striking similarities include the quality of the story, the writers for these games know how to build an entertaining and cinematic story, in both of these games there is so much character development and personal drama that happens to draw us in to the world even more. Overall the story is one of the biggest selling points of an Insomniac game, they write fantastically compelling stories that make you more interested in not just the game, but the world built within the game. Even small side characters have gravity behind what they say and don’t feel copy and pasted over the place like many open world games can tend to do.

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The differences are what you would expect from two completely different properties, some gameplay is different and the two games have a personality all their own. The biggest difference is the amount of personality that was in each game. Sunset Overdrive was full of it, and seemed to be all over the place at times but it all came back together at the end. Spiderman feels like it is sticking much closer to the script and and sticking to the boundaries set by the precedent that came before it. Which is exactly what they should have done and it was the correct call, because a faithful representation was what people wanted. But, if Insomniac were allowed to go all in on the personality of the game that might have made it that much better. It is a small complaint but a difference I felt like talking about.

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Overall though, Insomniac has come back from a slump to reclaim their title as one of the best developers in the market. These games are proud moments in the very long history of this classic studio. Notable figures like Player from Sunset Overdrive, stand shoulder to shoulder with some of the biggest names in gaming, like Spyro the Dragon, Ratchet and Clank, and most recently, Spiderman. Insomniac is one of the developers that has been consistently producing great games for generations now. Let’s hope for many more generations from this development studio as well.

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That’s just what I think though, tell me what you think in the comments down below! Do you like the new Spiderman game or do you love it? Did you ever get the chance to play Sunset Overdrive? And, don’t forget to Like, Share, and Subscribe for more BYOG.

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