What Super Hero Franchise Should Microsoft Get?

A “Super” Article

After reading an article from xboxenthusiast.com about Microsoft needing a Marvel deal, my mind started racing with potential ideas for who should get a game. And, I figured, why stop at Marvel alone? DC wrote the book on successfully adapting superheroes to video games, so there is no reason to just include a Marvel hero. There are some of both major publishers in here so there is no shortage of selection.

Wonder Woman

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After the roaring success of the movie of the same name, it makes incredible sense to make a Wonder Woman movie, with a sequel in the works, this is a prime time for developers to make a faithful interpretation of one of DC’s most enduring heroes. Being able to explore the Amazonian world might be a very cool thing to do depending on how the world is built. Her lasso, Sword, and Shield also provide a very interesting potential ability and move set to build on.

Green Lantern

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This is the most convincing hero the more I think about it. The color scheme is already perfect, plus a green and black Green Lantern style Xbox could look incredible. Not only that, but there is a very untapped and rich history that can be used for the green lantern. All of the different lantern colors have their own worlds and people. Which not only opens up the game to have a surprisingly large map, it also makes for an easy transition to online play. Considering the different lantern colors can serve for different factions a player can sign up for. The move sets and abilities could get very imaginative and there can be a lot of cool new ideas paired with iconic moves that one of the Green Lanterns has done before. There are a whole host of villains to serve as bosses for the game too. This could be a great game if they made it right.

The Fantastic Four

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Piggybacking off of the previous idea’s emphasis on multiplayer, this could be a great way to have a story based multiplayer game. Make a game in the same style as the old drop in/out games where the players can switch between characters. There are some obvious hurdles to overcome like movement and keeping everyone together, but this game could master what Assassin’s Creed Unity experimented with. Having a singular contained world that four players can simultaneously play in. Allowing them to separate when playing over the internet could add another layer to the game and make it even easier for players to get invested. There are a lot of opportunities for this game to have a really unique showing on the system and do multiplayer in a cool way.

Black Panther

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After the massive success of the movie, Wakanda has been officially put on the map.  People know so much more and care so much deeper about this character than a few years ago. The Wakandan Embassy even makes an appearance in the Spider Man game. Being able to travel between Wakanda and the modern day could be a really cool new twist on the superhero genre and it offers up a lot more world building and for the game to feel tight and streamlined while also being a large game with some depth. Black Panther is another hero that relies on the use of gadgets to gain an edge on his opponents much like Spider Man and Batman respectively. This could introduce a very cool weapon system in the same vein of the other games previously mentioned.


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Maybe it’s time to give Superman another shot at his own game. While the last one on the N64 definitely could have gone better, this is a new age for Superhero games. Batman and Spider man have both had major success after being brought back, even spawning a trilogy with Batman, and almost definitely a sequel for Spider man at this point. While this may be the most complex hero to get right due to the overwhelming nature of his powers, a proper Superman game could define the genre if done well enough. This is a high risk, high reward Superhero to try to make a franchise around, but, Spider man’s popularity seemingly pales in comparison to that of Superman, one of the most enduring and recognizable figures in animation history.

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Those are just some picks of who could make a great superhero franchise for Xbox to pick up to compete with the new Spider man franchise that is blossoming in front of our eyes. Something to compete with that could seriously help Xbox catch up to or even get ahead of Sony in the upcoming console generation.

That’s just what I think though, let me know what you think down below! What Superhero would you like to see get a game next? And remember to Like, Share, and Subscribe for more BYOG.

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