Final 5 DLC Character Predictions

It All Comes Down To This.

Recently after the November 1st Nintendo Direct it was confirmed that Incineroar and Ken were the final two characters being added to the game, proving the validity of the box theory and completely debunking the now notorious “Grinch” leak that took the internet by storm. However that wasn’t the end, as Nintendo announced a limited time free character in Piranha Plant. This Brings the grand total of original characters in this game to an even 70. And. Sakurai also added the fact that over the course of the next year the game will be receiving five new Downloadable characters, (Individually  priced for $5.99 each while in contrast there is a bundle that saves you $5.00 if you purchase it. This bundle costs 24.99.) So, the speculation begins, who are the supposedly final characters that will get the final invitations? Not much is known at the moment, however, I have a few guesses.

5. Katalina ( Granblue Fantasy)

Image result for katalina granblue png

This one is essentially a cheat on my end. This prediction follows the leaker Vergeben and his discussions on the DLC for the upcoming game. This leak originally dates back to Senjougahara__Hitagi, which Vergeben himself has personally reported on and seems to have some faith in what Hitagi is saying. Vergeben has a near perfect track record when it comes to this Smash game’s leaks, sticking to his guns through the infamous Grinch leak and proving himself as the far superior source for inside knowledge on this particular subject. The purpose of adding Katalina would serve as an introduction to western audiences much like Marth’s inclusion introduced Fire Emblem to western audiences during the premier of Melee.

4. Minecraft Steve

Image result for minecraft steve gif

That’s right, Steve from Minecraft makes almost too much sense at this point. Minecraft is, while not originally developing it but instead buying it and running with it, Microsoft’s flagship series. Minecraft has reached the level of notoriety in the same air as Mario, Pac-Man, and Sonic. Steve is just as synonymous to the video games industry as the previously mentioned characters. Not to mention the great relationship Microsoft and Nintendo have developed over the past few months. Minecraft being cross-platform available on Xbox and Switch has been huge for their marketing and this could really drive the past couple months of work home. Vergeben has also confirmed that Minecraft would have representation in some way. While not necessarily my first choice for a Microsoft representative, this character almost, by far makes the most sense.

3. Banjo and Kazooie

That’s right, I’m predicting two Microsoft representatives in this new Smash Brothers. In fact, I think that Banjo and Kazooie are in the game because of Steve’s inclusion. In my opinion, these characters came as a package deal when sigining the contract. This way, both companies win. Microsoft gets to double dip on their characters, adding one of their most requested fighters and one of their most notable. While Sakurai pleases the fan base and adds one of the most demanded characters in their long running series. I have guessed Banjo would be included since the game was announced in my second article. And, I’m not backing down now. This is more than likely wishful thinking at this point but, Banjo has the notoriety and the history on specifically Nintendo consoles that he has had an enduring legacy many, many years after his relevancy has passed. Smash is a game that celebrates the past and the present, and there is no better way to show that than getting the two previously mentioned characters as playable characters.

2. Leon Kennedy

This pick is one that is off the wall. While having no reason to speculate on this being true, and personally having no steak in this franchise as I have never played a Resident Evil game, I think Leon Kennedy could make a really fun fit in Smash. Sure there are other characters that could be included but Leon embodies the most significant horror franchise in history with the Resident Evil games. And, with the inclusion of the Fatal Frame series’ Yuri Kozukata this game is obviously admitting the horror franchise exists, and while Fatal Frame in this case is essential a fun callback to a neat Wii U game, getting some real horror representation would be a lot of fun.

1. Geno

Before this game and all of the subsequent character announcements that have come with it, there was almost a holy trinity of characters that had a community of people fervently wishing for their character’s inclusion. Those characters were Ridley, King K.Rool, and Geno. Two out of the three have been included in the game. Vergeben has confirmed that there is for sure a Square Enix representative included in the game other than Cloud. Who specifically it could be is anyone’s guess. This spot could just as easily go to Sora or even a character from the Dragon Quest series, considering their immense popularity in Japan. Geno, even now, somehow feels like the dark horse in this race for the character slot. Kingdom Hearts III comes out in January and it would be an absolutely brilliant piece of marketing to play a trailer from the new game, immediately followed by Sora’s announcement along with Twilight Town or one of the more iconic worlds from the game. And, Slime has actually been a playable character in a Mario game before. Previously appearing in Mario Sports Mix. Even being featured in a Mario Sports game that undersold on the Wii is still much more relevance to today’s Nintendo compared to Geno. However, there may be more hope than ever for everybody’s favorite doll. During the recent Smash Direct, Geno had more representation than ever before. He had an actual render on screen. No artist approximation via Mii costume, (although the costume still put him closer to the action.) The rights to Geno have been acquired to at least show his picture in the game. Sakurai himself has previously said that he wanted Geno to appear in Smash Brothers Brawl and, could Sakurai really put the tagline “Everyone is Here” on the box without knowing in his heart that not everyone was actually here?

Honorable Mention: Tahm Kench

League of Legends is one of the biggest Esports in the world with some of the most viewers and highest player bases in the entire world. MOBAs are a huge corner of the market that are still considered niche. Including a character from this franchise could make just as many waves around the world as Cloud did. The audiences might not mix but if the character is noteworthy enough to be included then surely many fans of the game will want to try it just to see how they play. Side note, this spot could have just as easily gone to almost any of the other champions included in the game. And, deciding which League of Legends champion deserves to be in Smash is enough content to merit it’s own article. Including any character from one of the world’s most consistent top games could possibly court some major crossovers in the future one day as well.

But, that’s just what I think, what do you think? Who do you think is going to be in the DLC pack for Super Smash Brothers Ultimate? Are you happy with the roster as it is or do you think 75 characters might be a little excessive? Let me know in the comments down below, and don’t forget to like, share, and subscribe for more BYOG.

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