What the Smash Community Could Learn from Tennis.

Have your cake and eat it too.

With Super Smash Brothers Ultimate less than a month away from being released, the competitive community for Smash is in a fever pitch debating the best ways to play the game. And, with so many options it feels impossible to decide on a singular rule set that can make the entire community happy. But, what if there was a way to make each individual tournament standardized while having a unique aspect to each tournament? 

Although, none of that has to do with tennis, so why should competitive Smash model itself after the sport of Kings? Simply put, variation. Every major tournament in Tennis comes with its own set of conditions. Wimbledon, for example, is on a grass court with specific ways people can dress. The U.S. Open, however, plays on a composite court with much less restrictive dress code rules. This variation provides reason to watch every single major tournament because with changing conditions means that competitors have to be well versed in whatever may come their way. 

Competitive Smash could really thrive given this format. With all of the new features, there is enough potential for multiple major Smash tournaments to have exclusive features for only that tournament. Giving more reason to watch major tournaments other than Evo. The Big House, Super Smash Con, and Genesis could all gain more interest in their own tournaments and drive up viewership if they were slightly different from the rest of the major tournaments.

For example, The Big House could have stage morph on. While Super Smash Con could utilize the final smash meter. These are all special features that are just small enough to not compromise the integrity of the game but make these tournaments more appealing to those who aren’t totally dedicated to the competitive community. Other tournaments around the nation could serve as tune-up tournaments where the local tournament follows the upcoming major tournament so pros have time to adjust between Majors. This way we can see everything the game has to offer.  

With the new announcement of an official designated Smash league sanctioned by Nintendo with official support. Big steps are being taken in Japan to legitimize and regulate a new way of playing. The interesting thing to see if this comes west is how many players choose to participate, given the controversial rules that come with the league. If the major players don’t get on board and help promote the game and essentially draw eyes to other tournaments, Nintendo will have to make some changes. 

Super Smash Brothers Ultimate has amazing potential to break the mold of how tournaments are run with how much diversity is in the game. Every tournament could have something very significant that comes with new conditions. However, that will take compromises on both Nintendo and Tournament Runners. The ways of the old tournaments seem to be at a close, and the decisions made now will decide how the scene will grow. It is exciting to see where the community starts and where it will eventually finish. Surely there will be more to come on the competitive front as we get closer to the launch of the game. Super Smash Brothers Ultimate releases December 7.

That’s just what I think, let me know in the comments down below what you think! Are you excited for a real competitive league from Nintendo? Do you think things were fine the way they were? Sound off in the comments below! And make sure to Like, Share, and Subscribe for more BYOG.

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