Top 5 Persona 5 Songs That We Need in Super Smash Brothers Ultimate

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With the recent announcement of Joker being the first battle pass character, the internet has been ablaze with speculation about anything from movesets to stages to other potential fighters, and while that is all very important, Persona 5 fans are excited for one thing more than anything else, the music. The music is Persona 5 is some of the greatest in any video game ever. Top to bottom there are amazing tracks that you can listen to for hours on end, (I should know since I am one of those people that have.) However, due to past DLC fighters we have an idea of how much music could be included in the game, and it really isn’t much. This means that there may only be a few songs included with this fighter pass. If that is true then it is time for someone to compile a list of the definitive 5 songs that need to be included in the new Smash Brothers DLC.

5. Whims of Fate

Songs courtesy of
Underbuffed OST

Starting off the list is possibly the most notable palace theme in the game. Without giving any spoilers, the Casino palace (This game’s version of a dungeon) has an overall grandiose aesthetic to it, seemingly perfectly capturing the feel of an over the top, skeezy casino. The song puts this palace over the top in a fun, careless vibe. The song perfectly fits the scene and provides a fun track to listen to while exploring the palace. I was genuinely annoyed during this palace in particular because I just wanted to explore every nook and cranny of the palace and listen to the music. It is fantastic to listen to on repeat, and fits in to the aesthetic of Smash Brothers so well.

4. Wake Up, Get Up, Get Out There

The very first song you hear in the game upon booting the game up. It is a fun, fast paced song that sets the stage for what will be coming after, both in gameplay and in music. The electric piano in the beginning, building into the strings and percussion, ultimately culminating to the beginning of the vocals. The violins in the chorus just match so well with Lyn Inaizumi’s voice and it blends perfectly into a song that motivates you into adventuring. It’s another light song that has a carefree attitude with its serious subject matter. Another song that, while listening fits well in the background while playing a game, but is sound enough to stand on its own to listen to independently. If we get more than a few songs Persona 5, you can be sure this song will at least be considered.

3. Rivers In The Desert.

Special Thanks to
『 Lettuce Sauce 』

One of the final songs in the main game, one that you hear around the time of the final boss, and it is fittingly epic to fit the scene of a final fight. This song was made to be epic and set the scene for an epic battle. And what is more epic than a huge crossover of video game characters fighting it out? Not much, on this sort of scale. Imagine messing around on a few different stages with your buddies but then it gets serious. You go to the Persona stage and this song starts, setting the stage for a battle of epic proportions. Plus this song is the best song in the game. You can’t have a crossover with this game, and feature music from it, and not feature this song. While not the most likely, which is why it is here, it is my favorite to be in the game.

2. Life Will Change

Special Thanks again to
『 Lettuce Sauce 』

This song plays every time you send out a calling card, the way to finish a palace. And, if you are going to be hearing it in some of the most tense points of the game repeatedly it needs to be a good song. Luckily this song is absolutely phenomenal. It sets the stage perfectly for a heist and has the same replay-ability that you see in every entry in the list. The guitar especially stands out in this section as it fills in the gaps between lyrics perfectly as it allows both the instument and the vocalist Lyn Inaizumi who really just killed it on the entire album.

1. Last Surprise

It almost feels like cheating putting this song on the list because this is the more surefire song to get in on this list. However, it is with good reason. Although listening to it for approximately 20-ish hours throughout the course of the game makes the song seem mundane compared to the rest of the tracks on this list. The first time you hear this song it makes you stop and listen to it. More than any other song in the game. The violins providing some quick adrenaline, then leading into a smoother vocal section and the repetition of the cycle with different elements being added and subtracted makes it possibly one of the best battle themes in a JRPG ever. It is the most obvious on the list for the simple fact that it is the battle theme of the game, and if Smash has taught us anything it is that Sakurai loves his battle themes, (Pokemon I’m looking at you.)

Honorable Mentions

Because the soundtrack is just so good, and I am having way too much fun listening to the full Persona 5 soundtrack, I have two honorable mentions, the first is “Beneath The Mask”, a very chill and relaxed song compared to the rest of the soundtrack and it really stands out as a contrast to the rest of the album, however it is just too slow, a remixed version of this might work well, but it could just as easily go wrong.

The other honorable mention is the general boss fight theme, “Blooming Villain” which is a heavy track with some awesome guitar rifts that really provide a hard rock vibe to the soundtrack, however, it can get kind of old quicker than the others in the game because it is only instrumental, and in a game like this it does hurt the overall quality of the song. It was a good choice for the original game, but it wouldn’t be the right choice to include this song on the list over the other songs.

That’s just what I think though, let me know what you think in the comments down below! Are you excited for Joker to be in Smash? (I am) What other characters would you like to see in the game? And for all your gaming news and speculation, make sure to Like, Share, and Subscribe BYOG.

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