Sony 2019 Preview

Waiting for Greatness?

Sony has had an incredible run the past few years with major hits like God of War, Horizon Zero Dawn, and Persona 5 all reaching critical and fan acclaim and universal praise for the quality of work they have been putting out. Unfortunately however, all good things must come to an end, and this seems like the year the streak is broken for Sony and their incredible run of games. That isn’t to say that Sony isn’t still going to have a great year, there are still some high quality games that are either announced or projected for this year. The calendar just looks much more bare than it did this time last year.

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Major announcements games wise have been few and far between, both Death Stranding and The Last of Us Part 2 are hoped to be released this year, with the former being teased as being much further along than we expect. Other than that, there aren’t many big name games that we know about. Dreams looks promising however the details are still sparse as we enter 2019, the year Media Molecule set for release of the game. Days Gone is a zombie game coming at the tail end of the era of the zombie craze, set to release April 29, this is the main PlayStation title to have an official release date.

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The lack of games this year isn’t the only thing to worry about if you’re a Sony fan, not only was there no PSX last year, there has been no word of a conference this year. Adding on to the list of worries is the fact that Sony has announced they will not be having a conference at E3 this year. How much they will stay away from the conference all together has yet to be seen, as Nintendo has proved that you can be just as, if not more successful at E3 without a flashy press conference. If Sony has no presence at E3, then you start to worry for what is coming down the road. It isn’t necessarily a bad thing that these changes are happening, but how they make up for this lack of presence will tell consumers how confident they are with what they have in the pipeline.

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There is one, major glimmer of hope, however. Talk of the next console generation is heating up and Microsoft has already confirmed that the next Xbox is in development and should be officially announced this year. Without nearly as much confirmation, it is equally safe to say that Sony is hard at work on their next console generation. We could potentially see the announcement of the PS5 as early as E3, expect some rumors to swirl around this as the year goes on, this generation is still going strong, however the end is in sight for this current generation.

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Overall Sony is leaving itself a lot of room to surprise its fans this year with how open their release windows are. There will surely be announcements of games coming this year and beyond, as Nintendo and Microsoft look to piggyback off the success each had at the end of last year. Going into a new console year in presumably 2020, Sony can’t afford to take a major step back now of all times.

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What do you think? Is Sony going to have an off year? Will we hear about the next console generation this year or is that just rumors? Let me know in the comments down below and don’t forget to subscribe for more Bring Your Own Games.

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