Xbox 2019 Preview!

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Xbox throughout this console generation has been a solid second place to Sony, not necessarily playing with the same greatness as PlayStation, but not fumbling nearly as hard as Nintendo did with the Wii U. Xbox is poised to take control of the industry with the new console generation coming out soon however. This also means that Xbox have set themselves up for the future pretty well, the question now becomes how close to the future are we? Are we still going to see this generation’s Microsoft stumble and trip over themselves like the past few years? Or is this the year Microsoft gets itself back together and starts to make strides to a better tomorrow? The short answer is… both?

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While not necessarily exuding confidence this year Xbox has set itself up well with plenty of games in the pipeline. It was all but confirmed last year at E3 that a new Fable game was in development, along with plenty of new titles coming to the next generation of consoles. However, the lineup of games set to be released this year is slim. Ori and the Will of the Wisps, Crackdown 3, and Gears of War are all announced for this year, with Halo Infinite coming down the line as early as 2020. That being said, that’s really it for games that we are aware of. There of course will be more games with the massive amount of studio acquisitions Microsoft made last year, however how far along they are or if they are ready to be shown is a complete mystery.

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There is one place that Xbox has to really impress the gaming community. That is E3 this year. With Sony opting out of doing a formal conference this year, Microsoft has the stage all to themselves and it looks like they intend to take full advantage of the opportunity they have been given. Expect possibly even a better conference last year, with plenty of new games shown off and more than likely the unveiling of a brand new generation of consoles. That paired with the fact that Microsoft is the only console developer to have a physical stage show at E3 this year means that they are poised to hit Sony where it hurts in 2020 and possibly even beyond.

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The new generation of consoles also looks to break from tradition as there are lots of rumors swirling around the internet about not just one new Xbox being announced but a whole new family of Xbox systems. Not only that but Xbox looks to be doubling down on the massive success that is gamepass, not only adding more high profile games but also designing a whole console around the idea of streaming. Which, with the previous success of the Steambox and other systems attempting the same idea, it seems like both a safe bet and a risky one to launch this new console.

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Overall, while Sony may have the most questions surrounding its games Xbox looks like its year could go either way. If the new generation is launched better than this current one, and there are high quality games to play in the pipeline means that Xbox is definetly on a good path to success. The only question now is a matter of when. Microsoft could very well stun the world and have lots of new games coming out in 2019, but, the smarter thing to do is to just eat the losses now and profit even more on the back end when people are buying the newer, more expensive console for the new games coming out rather than the older, cheaper one. Either way though, Microsoft’s future is very bright and whether it is this year or next, expect great things from this company in the near future.

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What do you think? Is Microsoft going to have a good 2019? Are you excited for the idea of a streaming based console? Let me know in the comments down below, and don’t forget to subscribe for more Bring Your Own Games.

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