PS4 Cross-Play Expands With Rocket League

Anotha One

Recently it was announced that Sony was expanding its beta for more major games with cross-play across the board. Rocket League is the next big “Beta” tester, meaning that Sony is slowly but surely giving in to fan demand. After the announcement of Fortnite breaking through and finally becoming the game to be fully cross-play on everything simultaneously was huge.

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I’ll admit though, when Sony announce the beta system, the cynical part of me immediately thought that it was a PR move on Sony’s end to finally quiet the fan outrage. I thought they would have just left it at that and let people forget about the fact that there is no cross-play for any other game on the system. I was pleasantly surprised when I found out that I was wrong and Sony really is making good on their promise to expand to other games and I’m ecstatic. Having another game be cross-play with all the major ways to play is beyond exciting. This means that we should start seeing even more games come out, and quite possibly at a quicker rate than before as well. We can start expecting to see other giant games join the system as well. Minecraft is the next big game seemingly waiting to join in on the fun.

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After Minecraft it is sure to be a race to see how many games become compatible across the board. Games like Overwatch, The Division, even Smite all could very quickly become cross-play compatible and we could soon be living in a new era of video games. Full cross play at this point would probably be best for before the next console generation after all. If full cross-play was announced as a feature to the system, it would be laughably tone deaf. Nintendo and Microsoft do it freely and brag about it on social media. There is no way giving any importance to this feature would work out well for them. It would, of course, be a welcome addition to the next generation. However, the only reason it would be saved for that long is because Sony intentionally kept it that way for so long. Long story short, the quicker they can get this out of the way, the better they look in the long run because they can focus on more than just the problems of this generation.

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Sony doesn’t look good at the beginning of this year with very little announced so far, with a major step back in outward appearance this year. Making this happen sooner rather than later can score some early brownie points with the fans and help soften any blows down the line. Because with so few known games, and no known E3 or PSX presence, and a new console generation on the Horizon, Sony has shown remarkably little as of yet. Of course expect that to change as the year goes on and we pass some of the major gaming conventions, there will surely be small announcements made if nothing else. If this is a slump year for Sony, don’t expect it to be a long one. As there are still the big three of known games to come out with Ghosts of Tsushima, Death Stranding, and the Last of Us: Part II all without release dates. Also there are definitely some solid sequels to bank on in the coming years. Horizon Zero Dawn is guaranteed a sequel after its surprising showing in 2017. God of War and Spider-Man will definitely be a few years off, but if you have finished their games, then you know that both set themselves up for sequels. Also, it has been confirmed that Persona 6 is in the works while they milk Persona 5 for everything they can in between releases, and Persona 6 may not even be an exclusive, a poll conducted by Atlus indicated that there may be the possibility of the next Persona game coming to Switch. No matter what happens, though, don’t expect Sony to be down for long, they know how to make the flashy moves to stay relevant.

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Do you think Sony is killing themselves with cross-play? (I do) What do you think the Next PlayStation will look like? Let me Know in the comments down below and don’t forget to subscribe for more Bring Your Own Games.

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