Top 10 Games Coming in 2019

Who’s next?

After last year’s line-up of games being one of the all time best, 2019 has a lot to live up to, and right now the pickings are slim, not many companies have announced their full lineup of games and are being cagey about how far games are along in their development cycles. This is an odd change of pace from 2018 when we knew almost every major game before the year started and we had a pretty good idea of how the year was going to go. However, the days of developers being openly transparent about their games to a fault, (looking at you Square Enix) is long gone and now all we have is speculation. So speculate is what we shall do. These are the top 10 games coming out in 2019 to be excited for, with one exception, you’ll see.

10. Death Stranding

This is a cheat pick. There is no current release date for this game, it could even be released in 2030 for all we know, but with how much we have heard from Death Stranding recently, from statements from people playing the game saying that it is very different than what we were expecting, to Kojima himself dubbing 2019 ” The Year of the Whale” in a tweet. I have a sneaking suspicion that the game is much farther along than we expect, and any Kojima game surely will be high quality and be in the conversation for game of the year, the only question now is if it is actually scheduled for this year. Also the game just looks extremely interesting and it has some major Hollywood stars attached to it, I’m just excited to see how this game actually plays.

9.Crackdown 3

This is… an interesting game. Going through development hell and being delayed multiple times since its announcement in 2016, things aren’t looking great for this game. However some games have gone on to show that delaying and adding the extra time was ultimately the smart move, The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild is one of the best examples in modern gaming. Taking time can pay off, what matters is what they do with the time. If the game plays well and feels right it has the potential to be one of the biggest surprises of the year. With Terry Crews starring in the game, Xbox has shown that it cares about doing right by this game, and it will spend the money to make it right. This very well could turn out to be another Game of the Year candidate if the three years worth of delays prove to be worth it, if not this game is going to fall flat on its face. Crackdown 3 supposedly finally releases Februrary 15.

8. The Division 2

The original Division game was released to seemingly uninspired reviews and a fanbase that was happy enough with the game but not totally in love with it. Over the years, and after being given the Ubisoft post-launch treatment, The Division ends up being a solid game with a loyal fanbase attached to it. Now, with the Division 2 on the horizon, Ubisoft looks to learn from everything they did in the original Division and expand on that, a new setting, new ways to play, and even the remote possibility of cross-play one day makes this one of Ubisoft’s biggest games this year by far. The Division 2 releases March 15.

7.Fire Emblem Three Houses

The Fire Emblem Series was once a punishing tactical RPG that scared many players like myself away from the series as a whole. One wrong move meant you lost a character forever, unless you loaded a previous save of course. Now the series as a whole since moving to the 3DS family of consoles has become much more accessible and appealing to casual fans. With its reintroduction to home consoles since Fire Emblem: Radiant Dawn on the Wii over a decade ago now. Fire Emblem Three Houses feels like the right game at the right time. Scheduled for release in Spring of this year, presumably sometime in April or after due to Yoshi’s Crafted world being released in March. With new tweaks and seemingly smart changes to the overall gameplay, Fire Emblem looks poised to have a huge hit this year.


Bioware is trying to go plus ultra with one final punch to bring themselves back to prominince. After the major disaster that was Mass Effect: Andromeda, Bioware, with its storied lineage in the games industry, has a real potential to be shut down. A new Dragon Age game has been announced as recently as The Game Awards, however EA has a tendency to run things into the ground, just look at the Star Wars games after all. So Bioware may be on a short hook here as another critical and commercial failure could spell doom for this historic company. Fortunately, the people who have played the game say pretty positive things, people are genuinely impressed with the game. If this game turns out well then Bioware returns to prominence as it once was and all is right in the world. Here’s hoping the game is as good as it sounds. We all finally get to play Anthem February 22.

5. Mortal Kombat 11

After the success of Injustice 2, becoming known for not only its well thought out gameplay, but also its surprisingly deep and complex story. Mortal Kombat 11 looks to keep building on its predecessors in this renaissance of Mortal Kombat after the reboot game many years ago now. Nothing but hype surrounds this game. After the gameplay reveal yesterday this game looks just as beautifully gory as all of the others. This is a formula NetherRealm studios has perfected the formula of how to present their games and it shows. After the development seen in the last game with their characters, and the new mechanics introduced into Injustice 2, I’m extremely excited to see where this story goes. Hopefully the character roster will be bigger this time so I can play some of my long time favorites such as Kabal. However the new characters are just as fun and currently serve a much bigger purpose in the story than Kabal or the others that were cut, so it is understandable. Mortal Kombat tears in April 23.

4. Town

This is personally one of my most interesting games to watch this year. From Game Freak, the people who make Pokemon, comes an RPG where you don’t leave the town. It sounds crazy, but as a fan of Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles: My Life As A King, I find myself growing more and more excited for another game in that same vein. The major premise of the games are completely different but some of the mechanics seem to be there. The story seems interesting enough to get me hooked on the gameplay that has you battling in a turn based RPG style. While not expected to necessarily contend for game of the year, this is certainly one game that I will be more than happy to sink my time and money into. And I will do just that when it releases sometime this year.

3. Animal Crossing

It’s Animal Crossing, need I say more? Animal Crossing is such a unique game that it is completely unnecessary to describe it because you already know what it is and surely you have opinions on it. Animal Crossing for being such a quaint game is very divisive in how it is received. It is a game that simply and clearly isn’t for everyone. Which is perfectly fine, but, I am so freaking excited for this game because it just makes so much sense on the switch that it is upsetting that we couldn’t get this in 2017, it is the perfect game for this console. Being able to play on your TV or take it with you makes it so much easier to take care of your town whenever, wherever you please. The game has also been exceptional about making smart, small changes to give more to the player to do. It doesn’t change the base formula or do anything too drastic, it just does all the right little things. Animal Crossing rides into the Switch sometime in 2019.

2. Crash Team Racing Nitro-Fueled

Quite possibly the greatest kart racer ever. Beenox has a large task on their hands developing this game. The lofty expectations set for the N.Sane trilogy are nowhere near what is expected from this game. This is due in large part to how the remastered trilogy was handled, it played great and really reminded people of how hard video games used to be. Now, the team is hard at work to hit it out of the park again with this remaster. Crash Team Racing is a beloved game in a historic franchise that remains relevant to this day. When I saw the announcement and subsequent success of the N.Sane trilogy I had hoped that this game would see the light of day again and thank goodness Activision likes money because ooh boy are they going to make a lot of it off of this game. Crash Team Racing Nitro Fueled slides past the finish line on June 21.

1.Kingdom Hearts III

It’s so close that it really shouldn’t be at the top of this list, but Kingdom Hearts III is literally the reason I bought a PlayStation 3. I’m sure its not hard to imagine my disappointment as the years went by with no announcement. Then after years of waiting with no news, we get an announcement, the now notorious Square-Enix E3 confrence where they confirmed both Kingdom Hearts III and a Final Fantasy VII Remake were in the works. But of course, as fate would have it, we found out a few months after the press conference that we may not see either game before 2020, so I guess this game con be considered a year ahead of schedule? Either way, I have been waiting for seemingly forever to finally play the conclusion of this story line and it still hasn’t hit me that this game is almost here. I won’t believe it until I can play it. That day is so close though, I’ll be binging Kingdom Hearts III on January 25.

What games are you excited for this year? What are your top 10 games coming this year? Let me know in the comments down below and make sure to subscribe for more Bring Your Own Games.

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