Which Characters Might Be Coming to Smash Brothers Next?

Joker’s Wild.

Piranha Pant has just been released into the live game of Super Smash Brothers. This officially marks the start of the DLC support for this game, and while now we have a year until the roster is finally complete, we still have lots of information at our disposal to take relatively educated guesses as to who may be coming next to the game.

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Joker is the table setter for what we can expect to come from this DLC package and my expectations are high. While my hopes for some characters like Shovel Knight and Geno have been thwarted, there are still some very high profile characters that haven’t been disqualified even under the most critical of lenses. Following in the path of Joker I am expecting these coming characters to be somewhat unknown in the Smash universe. This means assist trophies, spirits, and games with representation somewhere else in the game, such as Monster Hunter, are automatically disqualified from the selection process. They are seen as having their representation included in the game. The characters remaining are large third party characters that can either make headlines or cross-promote a product upcoming in the year ahead. This isn’t an official list of characters who I think will be in, I have done plenty enough of those as is, this article talks about what exactly qualifies a candidate to be eligible to be included in the game.

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One of the biggest leading factors to being included in this game seems to be relevance. If a character is relevant for whatever reason they are considered more than anything else. Joker is just now coming to Nintendo consoles in the west with the release of Persona Q2 on the 3DS but the Persona franchise has established a legacy among RPGs and Persona 5 is the best and most relevant fit to Smash Brothers because Joker is much more recognizable than the other protagonists of the Persona series, not because of writing, but because of how massively successful Persona 5 was compared to the rest of the series in sales. That combined with the potential cross promotion capability of announcing Persona 5 coming to the Switch tells us a lot of things about who else is joining the battle.

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Two characters that fit almost exactly with the mold set by Joker are Crash Bandicoot and Sora. Both are leads in relatively dormant series that are making an impact on 2019. Crash Bandicoot feels more like a safe bet every time a case is made for him because of the history with Nintendo just like Sonic, and the rights to Crash Bandicoot belong to Activison, so Sony would have no way of stepping in to block any negotiations. That combined with the fact that all of the Crash remastered games are on Switch with Crash Team Racing Nitro Fueled being released simultaneously on all platforms including the Switch. Plus adding Crash to the game would complete the series of notable classic mascots that Mario has outlasted, joining the likes of Mega Man, Pac-Man, and Sonic. Also, crash had multiple games on previous Nintendo systems but they were really forgettable so we won’t talk about them. Sora is in an almost identical situation as Crash. Kingdom Hearts III just released and is already a huge hit for the company scoring almost universally positive reviews. Sora also has a checkered history with Nintendo, appearing on many of Nintendo’s mobile consoles Sora and the Kingdom Hearts series has surprising depth with the company. This combined with the fact that since everything gets ported to the Switch, it is entirely plausible that at the very least, the Kingdom Hearts collection can be ported to the Switch with Kingdom Hearts III being released at a later date. Because it would be really cool to be able to play Kingdom Hearts on my Switch whenever.

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Some other notable characters that have no representation in the game as of yet include notable mascots such as Banjo and Kazooie, Steve from Minecraft, and oddly enough Ezio Auditore from Assassin’s Creed. Banjo and Kazooie are the most likely character in this article, they have been demanded for a long time, Phil Spencer has gone on record saying that he is fine with it multiple times and it would be a big favor to the Smash community at large. Minecraft is potentially the biggest game since Pokemon, very few games break through and become staples of the video game industry but Minecraft has built that legacy through the years. One of the pillars of modern gaming it is tough to justify a reason for Steve to not be included, other than I personally am not interested in the character. With cross-platform play with Minecraft on Switch, Xbox, and PC, Minecraft is more relevant than ever, it even has its own Netflix show after all. Ezio is an odd choice for sure, but it is almost as odd that Ubisoft has no playable representation in this game. After having to disqualify Rayman because of his being a spirit, Ezio seems like the next logical choice. Ezio defined a generation at Ubisoft and during the Ezio saga reinvented how video games can tell stories and grew from a niche game to one of the biggest series in the world. While it is hard to imagine Ezio even being in the game let alone being chosen over Rayman, it is a definite possibility.

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Other characters that would surprise me to see them get in but it wouldn’t shock me are Leon Kennedy from Resident Evil, Scorpion from Mortal Kombat, and Tracer from Overwatch. These are all characters highly relevant in 2019 as the Redient Evil 2 Remake is the early candidate for game of the year, Mortal Kombat is releasing simultaneously on switch and other platforms. And Paladins is on Switch so the only reason Blizzard hasn’t put Overwatch of the Switch yet is because apparently they aren’t a fan of money. All of these characters would feel just as out of left field just for very different reasons.

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Joker was the perfect table setter for what we can expect in the future because it gave us a lot to work with while also leaving a lot of questions as to what is coming next. I have a solid idea as for who i think could be potentially joining the roster in the coming year, although knowing how characters have been announced Goku dosn’t even feel completely off the table at this point. Expect the next announcement to be just as wild and controversial as the last two because it only gets wilder from here.

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Who do you want to see come to Smash Brothers? Have you bought the battle pass? Let me know in the comments down below and make sure to subscribe for more Bring Your Own Games.

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