Microsoft Confirms Xbox Live to Come to Nintendo Switch

Xbox Fun for Everyone

Back at E3 2018, Head of Xbox Phil Spencer stood on the stage in the Microsoft Theater and told the world that he wanted Xbox to be on “every device.” It now seems those plans are starting to come to fruition.

Over the weekend, Microsoft stated that they plan to unveil the Xbox Software Development Kit at the 2019 Game Developers Conference (GDC 2019).

Xbox Live is about to get MUCH bigger…Xbox Live is expanding from 400m gaming devices and a reach to over 68m active players to over 2bn devices with the release of our new cross-platform XDK.

The move by Microsoft isn’t very surprising when examining the change in philosophy that the company has had under the leadership of Phil Spencer. On numerous occasions, Spencer has stressed that while consoles are an important, they aren’t everything when it comes to the games industry and that growth of the Xbox brand should be about more than that.

“I think if you get so focused just on hardware sales at this point, as gamers, we lose sight of what’s going on around the console business. Console’s important. I love the console space, but it’s part of the gaming business, it’s not total. So I just don’t define success by any one individual version of our console and how many we sell. Are we growing the business? Are we growing the number of customers?”

Spencer’s viewpoint is a valid one especially when it’s a known fact that companies like Microsoft, Nintendo, and Sony actually don’t make money off of hardware sales and instead depend on the sales of software and online subscriptions to make money.

Through the release of Xbox’s adaptive controller, Microsoft began using the phrase “When everyone plays, we all win.” This phrase can easily be applied to Microsoft’s new ambition to bring Xbox Live to all possible devices as they want to unite the gaming community and allow everyone to have access to great games and be able to play together if possible.

Microsoft is in an excellent position to pull this off as they are one of the biggest technological companies in the world and have server farms all over the globe that can make this more possible than perhaps any other company out there.

With GDC 2019 happening from March 18 – 22nd, it wont be long before we find out more about this ambitious and potentially revolutionary change to the gaming industry, and with the XCloud beta that’s supposed to be coming out this year, players might get to play their favorite Xbox games on Switch and mobile phones sooner than we might expect.

What are your thoughts on Microsoft’s bold new move? How do you think Sony will follow suit? Let us know in the comments below and as always, be sure to stick with Bring Your Own Games for more coverage of Xbox and other gaming news.

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