Nintendo Direct Reactions 2/13

Tetris Battle Royale!

Yesterday Nintendo held its first direct in about five months, the longest drought in between directs since Nintendo switched to the format. What was provided was, unique, there was a heavy emphasis on JRPGs with some other games thrown in for balance’s sake. While not the direct that hit home for me personally, the content provided was quality and really adds a lot to the year.

The Good

Super Mario Maker 2 started off the show and it seemed to hit all the right notes and make the right improvements this time. Adding things like slopes, Super Mario 3d world power-ups and even the infamous sun from Super Mario Brothers III. Not only was that shown off, but a whole host of new games were shown off. Including Delta Rune, Captain Toad Treasure Tracker’s DLC, and a remake of The Legend of Zelda: Link’s Awakening all set to be released this year. Not only did we see premiers of new games, but known games got release dates and demos. Fire Emblem: Three Houses releases July 26, and both Yoshi’s Crafted World and Daemon X Machina both got short demos that released today. Final Fantasy 9 was released today as well. Most interestingly is the new project from Platinum Games, Astral Chain, a futuristic Cyber-Punk looking world that looks to be both rich in gameplay and storytelling. Already given a release date of August 30. However, I would be remiss to not mention the biggest game released in the direct, Tetris 99. A new battle royale style game but with Tetris. The sudden announcement and drop of this game has set the internet on fire with memes and genuine praise for the surprise hit game, proving that anything can work in a battle royale given the right touch.

The Bad

Many of the most anticipated games were largely missing from the showcase. As anticipated, there was no Metroid Prime 4 or any mention of a new Metroid Prime game at all. Animal Crossing was nowhere to be seen for the entirety of the direct. Not to mention the minimal information given about Super Smash Brothers. Letting people know that it will be out before the end of April but that was the only concrete information given at this time. There was also just a bevy of new JRPGs that after a while all seemed to blend together, it became hard to focus in the middle of the direct because the string of announcements were so similar that it was hard to tell when one game’s trailer stopped and another one’s started. The quality of games seems to be there, but this direct filled a lot of niche requests that left the general public largely unmoved. Presumably this is the one of the very few directs we get before E3 so there may have been some things held for later in the year. However that did bring the overall flashiness of the direct down.

The Long and Short

Overall this was a good direct, it had a lot of information and didn’t spend too much time on one thing. If anything, with many things it left people wanting more. This direct showed how much Nintendo has planned for the future because of how little it felt like they showed. There is so much more that the fans are hungry to see that it was almost impossible to not leave some fans disappointed. What was there was good, and there was a lot shown off. It felt like there was more thrown at the viewer in the last 30 seconds of the direct than in the rest of the entire presentation. Nintendo has shown their dedication to this system and developers are starting to fall in line and really get behind this system. The near constant stream of game releases make the switch a legitimate place to play video games new or old. 2019 looks even more stacked than it already did, and the future is looking brighter and brighter for Nintendo every day. Let’s just hope all the games meet their level of hype.

Were you impressed with the direct? What would you like us to cover next? Let us know in the comments down below and don’t forget to like and subscribe for more Bring Your Own Games!

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