Overwatch League 2019 Power Rankings Stage 1 Week 1


Professional Overwatch is back with an exciting week of matches. Filled with interesting story lines and burgeoning rivalries this week only looks to be a taste of whats in store for this season. The parity this season looks to be tighter than ever and with less games per team every win matters much more than it did last year. Slow starts are much harder to recover from now so a strong start can put you in a much better place by the end of the season. Thanks to Akshon Esports for the videos.

20. Florida Mayhem

(Week:0-1, Stage: 0-1, Season:0-1)

Florida looked to be stuck in 2018 with their first game this week. They didn’t do much of anything and were handled pretty easily by the Reign. Don’t expect much from this team this year.

19. Washington Justice

(Week: 0-1, Stage 0-1, Season: 0-1)

It’s hard to judge the Justice on a fair scale because of who they played this week. While doing better than expected, there were still some major flaws and it looks like the team is lacking shotcalling.

18. Shanghai Dragons

(Week: 0-2, Stage: 0-2, Season: 0-2)

Shanghai needs time to adjust. They are leaps and bounds better than last year already, even though they haven’t won a game. The addition of Gamsu right before the season started really bolstered the tank line and with time and practice the dragons have a scary lineup as we get later into the season.

17 London Spitfire

(Week: 0-2, Stage: 0-2, Season: 0-2)

Don’t expect London to stay this low for long. They had a rough week to start but they have the talent and the ability to turn it on at any point. They played both games very well even though they have only taken two maps this season. Expect the Spitfire to turn on the jets next week.

16 Houston Outlaws

(Week: 0-2, Stage: 0-2, Season: 0-2)

Houston really disappointed this week with both of their close 5 map losses. There is just one key element in the locker room of the team that is missing currently, it has nothing to do with skill. What the Outlaws need are a different shot caller. Whoever is calling the shots mid fight just isn’t seeing the meta right. The Outlaws are one good trade away from being a dominant team in the league

15. Guangzhou Charge

(Week: 0-1, Stage: 0-1, Season: 0-1)

The Charge played Chengdu tough but unfortunately couldn’t pull out the victory. A close 5 map match shows signs of hope for this team in the future as we learn more about what they can do.

14. Chengdu Hunters

(Week: 1-0, Stage 1-0, Season: 1-0)

Chengdu is essentially in the same spot as Guangzhou. Because they only played each other this weekend we don’t have much to go on other than their game against each other. Chengdu is off to an encouraging start as they hunt for more wins.

13. LA Valiant

Week: 0-1 Stage: 0-1, Season: 0-1

Last year’s 2nd seed in the playoffs the Valiant have gotten off to a slow start with a loss against the spark. By no means does this mean that this is an emergency for them. They are still one of the strongest teams in the league. They might not be the second strongest for long though.

12. Toronto Defiant

(Week: 1-0, Stage: 1-0, Season 1-0)

Toronto showed strong resolve in their first game against the Outlaws in completing the reverse sweep. Easily putting themselves on the map as a real threat for anyone that doesn’t take them seriously. The Defiant get a huge confidence boost from this win and can easily snowball this into a surprising season for this underrated roster.

11. Paris Eternal

Week: 1-0, Stage: 1-0, Season: 1-0

The league’s first real team comprised of mainly Europeans looks stronger than most people gave them credit for. Not only did they defeat the reigning champions the London Spitfire, but they also did it in 4 games. It’s fair to say the Eternal may have a stronger life in this league than originally expected.

10. Boston Uprising

Week: 1-1 Stage 1-1 Season 1-1

The Uprising look to be back to the same form as last year, using “moneyball” tactics in finding little known players and maximizing their returns. The additions they made over the off season look very smart after this week when this week could have gotten out of hand easily.

9.Dallas Fuel

Week: 1-1 Stage 1-1 Season 1-1

The Fuel are the first in a string of teams that are interchangeable in skill any given match. This is where the top-most tier begins in the early parts of the season. The Fuel looked adaptable and like they could potentially see the biggest swings of looking like either the best or the worst team in the league. Their win against Seoul proves that there is definitely something there that head coach Jayne can work with.

8.Seoul Dynasty

Week 1-1 Stage 1-1 Season 1-1

The Dynasty look to be much improved over last season already. Making key pickups in the off-season such as Fissure, the talent is much more spread out now and the team can begin to balance. With a true shotcaller on the team Seoul could potentially become that team we all thought they would be last season without us even looking.

7. LA Gladiators

Week: 1-1 Stage: 1-1: Season: 1-1

The Gladiators are back and they look like they are already in mid-season form. A gritty team that isn’t afraid to really mix up their compositions and try something new, Los Angeles has the flair and the versatility to be a playoff team again.

6. San Francisco Shock

Week: 1-1 Stage: 1-1 Season: 1-1

The Shock are just insanely talented it is so hard to keep them down. Even though they lost to the Gladiators it was still a close 5 map match, with one of the best rosters top to bottom this team has its eyes set on not just a playoff spot this year, but they want to win the whole thing. The scary part is they may just be good enough to do it.

5.Vancouver Titans

Week: 1-0 Stage: 1-0 Season: 1-0

The Titans start the season 1-0 but it isn’t because of their record that they are this far up. The former team of Runaway originated the now standard 3/3 (GOATs) composition and knows the tricks inside and out. As long as the GOATs comp stays strong expect this team to keep collecting wins.

4.Atlanta Reign

Week: 1-1 Stage: 1-1 Season 1-1

The Reign may be the most exciting team in the Overwatch league. Not only are they a solid expansion team with a surprisingly strong roster, they are much more competitive much more quickly than people thought. Atlanta could not have played any closer with Philly in their first game against one another. A flexible team with a Torbjorn that is actually seeing meaningful game time is crazy to think of. If nothing else, Atlanta is easily the most fun to watch in the early part of the season.

3.Hangzhou Spark

Week 2-0 Stage: 2-0 Season: 2-0

The Spark took care of business this week as they dispatched both the Shanghai Dragons and the LA Valiant, and more so with this team than any other, but all of the expansion teams have looked ready to play on the big stage. There were no bad games and the different approaches taken by the new teams are providing for some fresh excitement in the league. Hangzhou is the shining example of that, becoming one of three teams to start undefeated after 2 games.

2. Philadelphia Fusion

Week: 2-0 Stage 2-0 Season: 2-0

The Fusion are riding a fine line between mediocrity and glory. Playing these tight five game matches is slowly becoming Philadelphia’s thing, when it is time to clutch up, someone usually does. The experience of the finals is really showing, they have started at the same level of play that they finished the New York XL out with in the playoffs last year. If the Fusion can sustain this throughout the season, they very well may be in the grand finals all over again.

1.New York Excelsior

Week: 2-0 Stage: 2-0 Season: 2-0

New York is out to prove the playoffs last year were a fluke and the regular season was the real NYXL team. And, unsurprisingly, they look really good so far. New York has returned to form and has made all the necessary adjustments to prepare for whatever meta changes may be thrown at them this season. Their communication is strong and their chemistry is one of the strongest in the league. While there may be a lot more competition, the New York Excelsior still stand on top.

What did you think of the first weekend of the regular season? What do you want us to cover next? Let us know down in the comments down below and don’t forget to comment and subscribe for more Bring Your Own Games

2 thoughts on “Overwatch League 2019 Power Rankings Stage 1 Week 1

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  1. Great article! I have been looking forward to the second season of the Overwatch League ever since the first ended! I was a fan of Seoul Dynasty before Season 1 begun, but I will admit that NYXL just captured my attention and never let go. It was a shame to see Shanghai go winless last season. I hope that does not happen again. I am eager to see the new teams play and see how they stack up against the already existing team. I caught a bit of the first week and it was action packed. If i had to pick, I guess I would say my favorites are NYXL and Seoul, but to be honest with you I watch every match I can and try not to pick sides. I just love to watch great professional Overwatch players do what they do best and see if I can pick up a few tips or two.


    1. Thanks for the read! There was a very very brief time before the league that i thought i would give it a shot, so I’ve always been real invested in the league. I bounced around from team to team last year but I’ve really settled into rooting for Toronto and San Francisco. I can almost guarantee that Shanghai won’t go winless again, I think they’re a lot better top to bottom. And the new teams have really impressed me, I thought they would have a rough first week but they looked stronger than a lot of the established teams. I just love being able to see things I’ll never be able to do like some of the big plays from the playoffs last season. It’s looking like its gonna be a real fun season!

      Liked by 1 person

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