Things You Might Have Missed This Week: 2/17 – 2/23

Here at Bring Your Own Games, we know that some news doesn’t always dominate the headlines, so we decided to try out a new type of article. This is Things You Might Have Missed This Week. Let’s dive in.

A new Overwatch map was added

Overwatch recieved a new Assault map this week, which is set in Paris. Teams will be able to take on each other in the City of Love, which is kind of surprising that it hadn’t been added to the game earlier. Nonetheless, the the map was released as part of Patch which came out on Tuesday. You can see the full patch notes here:

Apex Legends Got a New Weapon

The latest battle royale hit recieved a new weapon this week in the form of the Havoc Rifle. Apex Legends developer Respawn Entertainment tweeted out a teaser video of the weapon earlier this week and the following day the Havoc rifle appeared in the game. The Havoc is an energy assault rifle which is unique from other weapons because it can support 2 kinds of “hop-up” attachments, which can effect the functionality of the gun.

Microsoft will reveal the next generation of Xbox at E3 2019

Although yet to be confirmed by Microsoft themselves, a report from the French gaming news outlet Jeux Video states that Microsoft is planning on revealing the next generation of Xbox at E3 this year. Other gaming news outlets such as Game Informer and Thurrott have reached out to their own sources to seemingly confirm this news. While it does seem likely that the consoles will be revealed at E3, the report from Jeux Video also states that the actual names of the consoles and the prices of them will probably not be discussed.

Xbox Game Pass rumored to be coming to Nintendo Switch

The latest Xbox rumor in the rumor mill is that their game subscription service Game Pass might be coming to Nintendo Switch. Gaming outlets such as Windows Central and Game Informer have begun to discuss these potential rumors. It’ll be interesting to see if this rumor comes to fruition and how the Xbox fanbase will react to this. Head of Xbox Phil Spencer has said on multiple occasion that he’d like Xbox to be on “every device” and this rumor seems to fit that vision. If it is indeed true, Microsoft will likely discuss it at E3 this year as well as talk more about their upcoming streaming service XCloud.

Let us know what you thought of this new article series from BYOG. Did we leave anything out? Also let us know in the comments below. As always, stick with us here at Bring Your Own Games for the latest and greatest in gaming.

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