Overwatch League 2019 Stage 1 Week 2 Power Rankings.

Wanna go GOATs?

Week 2 of the Overwatch League is behind us and it was a wild ride. With major upsets and monumental wins it is hard to imagine but this week may have just topped last week. All the matches feel extremely close and it seems like the majority of the matches played all come down to the first mistake. Which shows just how close these teams are to each other. And with the announcement of a new character recently the notorious GOATs meta seems to be cracking just a bit. Some teams have found real success deviating from the norm and trying new things. However there are some teams that definitely have not had the same kind of success in any aspect. But without wasting any more time, here are this week’s power rankings. Thanks again to Akshon Esports for providing highlight coverage.

20.Washington Justice

Week: 0-1 Season: 0-2

Previous Ranking: 19

One of two teams that have yet to win this year in the Overwatch League, Washington is having a rough first stage losing both of their games. Getting into the stage playoffs is looking highly unlikely as with the massive decrease in games from last season, Washington might not have the games left to make the playoffs already. It would require a serious shift in attitude and culture but it is still mathematically possible.

19.LA Valiant

Week: 0-2 Season: 0-3

Previous Ranking: 13

The Valiant look like a completely different team compared to last season and that is not a good thing. Potentially suffering from the current meta with a weaker GOATs composition than most other teams, possibly in the next stage if the meta shifts it could be a much different story than right now, but as it stands the Valiant look like they are going to have to make some changes to stay relevant.

18.Houston Outlaws

Week: 1-1 Season: 1-3

Previous Ranking: 16

Houston is another team that is looking like they need to make some wholesale changes. While the Outlaws picked up their first win this week, it is hard to deny that changes have to be made after a 1-3 start to the season. In a meta like this, DPS focused players struggle more, and the major highlight of this team is Jake and their DPS play, maybe another team that could have better fortune in a different meta, but just like the Valiant, changes have to be made.

17.Shanghai Dragons

Week: 1-0 Season:1-2

Previous Ranking: 18

THE STREAK IS BROKEN. After 43 games in the Overwatch league Shanghai has finally won their first match. And more importantly, it looks like this is only the start for this team. Rebuilt practically from scratch, Gamsu leading the charge on the team makes them a real threat for any team in this league, and as they continue to build chemistry they are only going to get better. Get used to seeing Shanghai winning, because they look like they could be doing a lot of it this year.

16.Florida Mayhem

Week: 1-1 Season: 1-2

Previous Ranking: 20

Florida edges out Shanghai this week because of who Florida beat to win their first match. Philidaelphia had a very strong first week and won some very close games against even tougher opponents. If Florida can compete with the rest of the league the way the did with Philadelphia then they could be a surprise 8th seed when the stage playoffs come around

15.London Spitfire

Week: 2-0 Season: 2-2

Previous Ranking: 17

London needs to kick it into high gear and start winning some games if they want any chance of staying relevant in this stage. They have the talent, but they are so inconsistent that it could very well end up costing them a chance at defending their title at the end of the year. London just barely got in last year with 40 games and with almost half of that every death in every map matters even more. If they can get it together they very easily could end up in the grand finals again, but they have to be in the playoffs to be able to get there.

14.Boston Uprising

Week: 0-1 Season:1-2

Previous Ranking: 10

Boston looks like they made a lot of poor decisions in the off season. While still competitively viable, there pure talent the roster had last year doesn’t seem to be there. Many of the teams biggest names are now doing great things for their respective teams but the Uprising are stalling to get anything going. Maybe with a few tweaks they can be rising up through the standings but, there is still some work to be done.

13.LA Gladiators

Week: 0-1 Season: 1-2

Previous Ranking: 7

While the Gladiators are definitely the best team in Los Angeles right now, it isn’t by much, the Gladiators have only 1 win to their name this year and while it was against the Shock, they haven’t been as competitive with the other two teams they have faced. The GOATs composition does not favor the Gladiators fluid and DPS focused style of play.

12.Chengdu Hunters

Week: 1-1 Season: 2-1

Previous Ranking: 14

Chengdu is one of the big question marks in the league. Starting the season 2-1 but with a major 4-0 loss to the Dallas Fuel. If the stage playoffs started today the Hunters would be the only team with a negative map differential. While not as important as getting wins, the map differential will help a lot if tiebreakers are needed. Expect the Hunters to stay on the bubble for a little bit, this is a team I can see dropping off later in the stage,

11.Dallas Fuel

Week: 1-1 Season: 2-2

Previous Ranking: 9

If Dallas can win a map, then they can win three. But right now that is only happening some of the time. Quite possibly the team that is the most prone to being unpredictable, the Fuel have a very Dr. Jekyl and Mr. Hyde feel to them. One game they look incredibly strong and you think they can be real contenders in this stage, and then they get 0-4’d the next game. If Dallas can find their consistency then they are a real threat to any team, but they need to start to come together quick.

10.Guangzhou Charge

Week: 1-1 Season: 1-2

Previous Ranking: 15

It may seem strange putting the Charge so high up on the list but they have only lost in game 5s so far and have swept Dallas. Guangzhou is a strong team that hasn’t been able to push through on game 5’s. If two maps swing their way they are currently sitting at 3-0 and are looking dangerous. If they can come together in clutch moments and start winning those close games. Guangzhou will have a very bright future this season.

9.Toronto Defiant

Week: 1-1 Season: 2-1

Previous Ranking: 12

Toronto essentially is what the Charge would look like if they could win those close games. The defiant have yet to really stand out in the league but have played very well in their first three games. Losing to Atlanta was a bit of a blow to the team but they bounced back and won their next game against the Valiant and are in the running for the stage playoffs. This team looks similar to the Boston team we saw last year where a few relatively unknown players combined with some notable talent make for a surprisingly strong team. The rest of Toronto’s schedule is tough and if they keep their spot in they playoffs they definitely will have earned it.

8.San Francisco Shock

Week: 0-1 Season: 1-2

Previous Ranking: 6

San Francisco has incredible talent but they are struggling right now. Only having won 1 game so far this season the Shock has not played their best Overwatch. A stacked lineup like this won’t be held down forever though. The schedule does not favor them though. With teams looking much stronger than them in the first few weeks, this is a team that may be on the outside looking in at the end of the stage.

7.Paris Eternal

Week: 1-0 Season: 2-0

Previous Ranking: 11

The Eternal have looked like a real contender through their first two games of the season, winning both of their games against the Gladiators and London. The next two weeks will serve as the real test as to whether or not this team can hang with the big dogs of Overwatch. Playing both Atlanta and Vancouver, if they can win multiple maps against these two and even score a win in there, then Paris has a very good chance of making the stage playoffs.

6.Seoul Dynasty

Week: 1-0 Season: 2-1

Previous Ranking: 8

Seoul might actually be the team this year that we thought they might have been last year. The addition of Fissure has proven to be huge for the Dynasty and they are in a solid position to lock in a spot in the stage playoffs. Their game against New York may be the game to watch this weekend as this will be Seoul’s first test against a team that stands out among the rest of the teams in a crowded field.

5.Hangzhou Spark

Week: 0-2 Season: 2-2

Previous Ranking: 3

The Spark seriously struggled in week 2, losing to both London and Houston. And with only three games remaining in this stage they need to win at least two of the games to secure a good spot in the stage finals.With games against San Francisco, the Gladiators, and Toronto awaiting them, making the playoffs looks doable, but after the week they had they don’t seem to be as strong of a pick as they were last week.

4. Philidaelphia Fusion

Week: 0-2 Season: 2-2

Previous Ranking: 2

Philly is in the same situation as the Spark, they had a really strong first week, winning both of their games in extremely tight matches, but they lost both of their games this week. Now they only have three games to lock up a playoff spot. And, just like Hangzhou, it is pretty doable, playing arguably one of the easiest schedules remaining with games against Washington, the Valiant, and Paris, the only team that should realistically give this team any trouble is Paris. Their road to the stage playoffs should be easy enough for them, but anything could happen.

3.Atlanta Reign

Week: 1-0 Season: 2-1

Previous Ranking: 4

Atlanta looks extremely impressive so far this season. The only match they have lost so far has been a close 5 map set with Philly, but other than that they have been taking care of business so far this stage. And with no real threats to them for the rest of this stage, it is very easy to see them winning out and finishing the stage with only 1 loss. Atlanta is very quickly becoming one of the premier teams in the Overwatch league and looks like a team no one wants to face.

2.Vancouver Titans

Previous Ranking: 5

Week: 2-0 Season: 3-0

The Titans are a scrappy team with a lot of fight in them. While not necessarily they flashy team like Atlanta, this team’s core is rock solid and they have some clutch players. As long as the GOATs meta reins supreme, Vancouver looks like they will be a dominant force in the league.While looking like a strong contender to appear in the stage playoffs, It is hard to see Vancouver having a perfect stage, it could very well happen, but there are still some tough teams ahead of them that could give them their first loss.

1.New York Excelsior

Week: 2-0, Season:4-0

Previous Ranking: 1

While the back half of the schedule is tougher than the first half for New York, there is no worries for this team. On any given day, if I were to choose between the New York Excelsior and the field, I would take New York. Their roster is just so impressive top to bottom and even though they struggled in the playoffs last year, they have come back and made all of the proper adjustments to just keep winning in the Overwatch League. I see no problems with this team any time soon.

What did you think of the second week of the regular season? What do you want us to cover next? Let us know down in the comments down below and don’t forget to comment and subscribe for more Bring Your Own Games

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