First impressions of The Elder Scrolls: Blades

After being delayed from last fall and not much news about it until last week, The Elder Scrolls: Blades has finally made its way into early access. A couple day ago, I was given the chance to go hands-on with the game to see how it felt and played. Below are some of my impressions... Continue Reading →

Google Stadia, is it the Future?

Hi, my name is who? My name is, what? My name is... Stadia. A little over a week ago, Google officially announced their new entry into the game industry. Holding an hour long press conference, and while we finally learned about what Google has been working on, getting all that information raises many more questions.... Continue Reading →

ID@Xbox Game Pass impressions

Microsoft unveiled their new showcase series ID@Xbox Game Pass today. The showcase is heavily inspired by the Nintendo Direct streams that showcase independent game titles, nicknamed the "Nindies." Similar to the "Nindies," ID@Xbox Game Pass looks to showcase upcoming independent games that are coming to Xbox Game Pass on the same day they launch. The... Continue Reading →

State of Play Reactions March 25.

Sony: Can I Copy your homework? Nintendo: Yeah sure but make sure it doesn't look too similar. Sony has finally entered the "Direct" method of giving news. Providing a small showcase of games coming mostly this year to the system. And the overall product was, a bit rushed? Coming in at about 20 minutes long... Continue Reading →

Weekly Rewind: 3/10 – 3/16

Happy St. Patrick's Day! In what was a quieter week for gaming news, here's a quick recap in some of the smaller news you might have missed this week! Project xCloud to begin public trials this year Back on Tuesday, during their Inside Xbox show, Microsoft revealed that Project xCloud would begin public trials this... Continue Reading →

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