Overwatch League Power Rankings Stage 1 Week 3

1 Team in, 1 Team out.

With the conclusion of another incredible week of Overwatch we have learned much more about many of the teams we had questions about previously in the year. New York stays perfect and locks up the first official playoff spot of the 2019 season. On the opposite end of the spectrum, teams like the Los Angeles Valiant and Washington Justice have struggled to put maps together and find themselves without wins through the first three weeks of the season, effectively eliminating the Valiant from stage playoff contention, with the Justice not far behind. There are still plenty of teams to lock in their spots and plenty of teams about to be eliminated, lets get into this week’s power rankings. As always, thanks to the Overwatch League for the videos.

20. Washington Justice

Week: 0-2 Season: 0-4

Previous Ranking: 20

When you look up the definition of struggle in the dictionary, the Washington Justice logo appears next to the description. Washington has started the season 0-4 and the road to their first win looks daunting. With games remaining against Seoul, Paris, and Florida, the only realisitic possibility for the Justice to steal a win this stage is against Florida. They looked better this week compared to others, if they can keep improving at this rate they may not be as far away from a win as predicted.

19. LA Valiant

Week: 0-2 Season: 0-5

Previous Ranking: 19

It might already be rebuild time in Los Angeles for the Valiant, something has to change if the want to stay in contention for even the end of season playoffs at this point. Maybe it would be best to ride out the rest of this stage and try the next stage with the roster they have on the payroll now. But, if things don’t start turning around, these may be some of the last games of the Los Angeles Valiant team as we know it.

18. Florida Mayhem

Week: 0-2 Season: 1-4

Previous Ranking: 16

Florida Had a good week but they are very quickly returning to form. Not much here to talk about. Even for the teams failing miserably they are the team that just blends into the rest this season. Nothing about them has been particularly great this year so far. I would expect the mayhem in the front office to continue throughout the rest of the season.

17. LA Gladiators

Week: 0-2 Season: 1-4

Previous Ranking: 13

It seriously sucks having both Los Angeles Teams combine for only 1 win this season through 9 combined games. The Gladiators look like the much stronger team at the moment however the look extremely sloppy compared to some teams higher on the list that have much tighter communication and teamwork. Hopefully with the new meta coming in the next stage, we can see some more of the spectacular momentum turning plays we saw last year from this squad.

16. Chengdu Hunters

Week: 0-1 Season: 2-2

Previous Ranking: 12

The Hunters are in real rough shape coming in to the last few weeks of the season, they have by far one of the hardest remaining schedules of any team, with games against Toronto, Vancouver, and Atlanta, the odds of the hunters making the stage playoffs looks slim at best. If they win one of these games I would consider it a success. Chengdu is still in the hunt, but they need a lot of help.

15. Houston Outlaws

Week: 1-0 Season 2-3

Previous Ranking: 18

Houston isn’t technically eliminated from playoff contention but they need a couple breaks to go their way. They play the valiant which they need to win to have any chance, which they reasonably should win. The challenge comes when they play Atlanta though, maybe if the Reign has clinched a playoff berth by then they may play a little looser and give the outlaws and opportunity to steal a match and possibly a spot in the playoffs, but it is not looking very likely.

14 Boston Uprising

Week: 1-1 Season: 2-3

Previous Ranking: 14

Boston stays strong at 14 after an even week after beating Seoul and losing to Toronto. Boston can’t seem to stay on their game when playing against their former teammates who were so popular on the team. They have a winnable schedule from here on out against Florida and Dallas, the Uprising has a shot at the playoffs but other teams are going to need to lose in the process.

13. Shanghai Dragons

Week: 1-1 Season: 2-3

Previous Ranking: 17

The Dragons enjoyed their first win streak and shutout ever this week, showing improvements over the weeks now that they have the main part of their roster together and getting serious time together. They have a rematch against the Dallas Fuel and a finale with the London Spitfire in the coming week. While it is a tough ask to beat both of these teams in a week, the Dragons have been progressing game over game and may be capable of pulling off the near impossible. If the don’t make this playoff though, it would be surprising to see the trend continue. Shanghai will have definite success this year.

12. Hangzhou Spark

Week: 1-1 Season 3-3

Previous Ranking: 5

The Spark look real shaky right now and they are almost out of games to seal a spot in the playoffs. Winning against the Gladiators was necessary to stay in realistic contention for the stage playoffs. They only have 1 game left in the stage though and it is against the Toronto Defiant, a team looking extremely strong in recent weeks. It is a tough ask to see the Spark play in the stage playoffs, they have the talent to do it, but they need to put it all together now.

11. Dallas Fuel

Week: 1-0 Season: 3-2

Previous Ranking: 11

Inconsistency is the most consistent part of this team, while 10th in the standings, it wouldn’t be hard to see this team play themselves out of a stage playoff spot. They are in contention if they can win out, but they need to find that consistency to start winning more. Beating Shanghai was a good start, beating Shanghai again would be even better. They are right on the cusp of getting in to the stage playoffs, they just need to get the last two wins.

10. Seoul Dynasty

Week: 0-2 Season: 2-3

Previous Ranking: 6

Seoul Dynasty seriously struggled this week. Losing both of their games, they took what realistically could have been a 1-1 week and now find themselves much lower in the standings because of it. They have plenty of time to bounce back and make it to the playoffs. The Dynasty have the best map differential of any team not currently in the stage playoffs. With games against the Washington Justice and London Spitfire, they very well could sneak into one of the lower playoff spots.

9. London Spitfire

Week: 1-0 Season 3-2

Previous Ranking: 15

London has been on fire since the first week. Going undefeated after a slow 0-2 start. They have squandered no time in coming back and becoming really competitive in this stage. This is the first team on the bubble with their fate in their hands. If they can continue to win against both Shanghai and Seoul then they are in and they can focus on the stage playoffs, if they lose even 1 of those games though, they may be sitting at home for the playoffs. London has the smallest margin of error to get in, they need to play well and beat these threats to their spot to lock in their seed.

8. Paris Eternal

Week: 0-1 Season 2-1

Previous Ranking: 7

Paris really needed that win against the Reign, the schedule gets no easier for them as we go through the last two weeks of the stage. A heavily backloaded stage may prove disillusioning for the Eternal as they have games against Vancouver, San Francisco, Washington, and Philly. Paris needs to win at least a couple of these games to really have a chance at the stage playoffs, and unfortunately I just don’t see it happening. Paris may very well be the big surprise that misses the stage playoffs after such a strong start.

7. Philadelphia Fusion

Week: 1-0 Season: 3-2

Previous Ranking: 4

While winning a game and taking firm control of their stage playoff hopes, Philly hasn’t had many wins against high quality teams, both Atlanta and London look more like they could be a fluke or much more even than we anticipated. Philly has one of the easiest schedules remaining and should be a solid bet to make the stage playoffs, if they lose to the Valiant though, all bets are off.

6. Toronto Defiant

Week: 1-1 Season: 3-2

Previous Rank: 9

Toronto looks to be on the upper end of the middle-tier teams in the league, only having lost to New York and Atlanta, this team isn’t necessarily a title contender right now, but they look like one of the most unsuspecting and surprising teams in the league. They have full control of their playoff hopes and have a manageable schedule to get there. It won’t be easy, but it will certainly be easier than a lot of other teams.

5. Guangzhou Charge

Week: 2-0 Season: 3-2

Previous Ranking: 10

The Charge are literally 2 maps away from being 5-0, this is a team to take seriously as even if they lose a match, they will play any team tough and take them to 5 maps. People were sleeping on the Charge early in the season but they very quickly have proven why they should be respected by all in the league. The real test for this team comes in their rematch with Vancouver in their last match of Stage 1, if they can go to game 5 again at least then they look like they can win against anyone in the league.

4. San Francisco Shock

Week: 2-0 Season: 3-2

Previous Ranking: 8

The Shock have set themselves up well to get into the stage playoffs. They bounced back even stronger after a rough week 2 to jump up the rankings and shed any doubt people had about the team. San Francisco has one more major hurdle before they can breathe easy for this stage. The New York Excelsior have one more game this stage and the have a real possibility of finishing undefeated, if they are actually motivated to attain that achievement it will be a very tough game for the Shock. The more likely option though is New York relaxes a little and maybe even drops the match to a Shock team that needs the win much more.

3. Atlanta Reign

Week: 1-0 Season: 3-1

Previous Ranking: 3

Atlanta is in a great spot to lock up an early playoff spot. Doing the majority of the hard work in the early part of the season and even going above and beyond to be beat the Eternal, it doesn’t look like much can stop the Reign. Their upcoming lineup of games looks pretty winnable as well. With games against the Gladiators, Hunters, and Outlaws, it is pretty easy to see this team finishing the Stage 6-1 now.

2. Vancouver Titans

Week 1-0 Season: 4-0

Previous Ranking: 2

The Titans are being put through their paces this opening stage, already having beat teams like Guangzhou and San Francisco, Vancouver looks like a real threat to win the championship. The rest of their schedule doesn’t get much easier though, Paris and Guangzhou both are hungry to lock up a spot in the stage playoffs and the Hunters are still in contention and will surely give everything they have to win that game. Vancouver could be perfect, but it will take a lot of effort.

1.New York Excelsior

Week: 2-0 Season: 6-0

Previous Ranking: 1

New York is, as expected, the first team to secure a spot in the stage playoffs, they are nearly perfect this stage and now is usually the time they start taking their foot off the gas pedal. They are liable to lose their last match against the Shock in the upcoming week, but it won’t change much, seeding doesn’t matter much to a team with no losses.

Are you excited for the stage playoffs? What would you like us to cover next? Let us know in the comments down below! And don’t forget to like and subscribe for more bring your own games.

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