Apex Legends hits 50 million players

Apex Legends hit a big milestone yesterday as Respawn Entertainment announced that the game has reached 50 million players in the 28 days that it has been out. The success that Apex has seen is astounding as it is quickly cementing itself as a certified hit for Respawn and EA.

While Fortnite still dwarfs Apex Legends with its player count of 200 million, the rate at which Apex is growing is much faster than Fortnite did a month after its release. Roundhill Investments posted a chart on Twitter that compares the player count growth between Apex Legends and Fortnite, showing just how much Apex Legends is growing in popularity.

The rate of player growth for Apex is sure to slow down at some point, but with the Battle Pass yet to even be released for the first season of the game, there’s a strong possibility that the rate of player growth will continue for some time.

With Battle Pass set to launch some time this month, it’s imperative that Respawn gets it right if they want to maintain their current rate of growth. Nonetheless, for a game that had little to no marketing for it before launch, it’s very impressive to see how popular it has become. So congratulations Respawn on your latest hit!

As always, be sure to stick with us here at Bring Your Own Games for more Apex Legends news and for the latest and greatest in gaming.

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