Bring Your Own Games Update 3/8

Good News, Everyone!

Happy Spring! The weather is just starting to warm up but Bring Your Own Games is about to bring the heat to March! As loyal readers may have noticed, the schedule has shifted a bit since the beginning of the year, and it is time to address it formally. Some series have shifted, some new series have already started to be produced, and we still have one more brand new series to announce today.

But first, we need to talk about The lineup of content that is already coming your way. Saturday, while the end of the week, is where we begin with our schedule. Saturday will be the weekend roundup, a new series that takes some of the biggest headlines we didn’t get to this week and gives you brief rundowns of what is most important to know. Mondays are now our Overwatch League Power Rankings. After every week of the Overwatch League, you can come right here to find out how the teams did and where they stand. Tuesdays are now the days you can find our Nintendo article of the week. Wednesdays are our PlayStation days whenever there is news about Sony. Thursdays are our days to find our major Xbox coverage. To recap what the schedule is so far, we have The weekend roundup on Saturday, the Overwatch League Power Rankings on Monday, Tuesdays are for Nintendo articles, Wednesdays are for PlayStation, and Thursday is Xbox. Which only leaves one day left for us in our week.

Starting next Friday, and every Friday after, you can now follow our Friday Double Feature. Yes, every Friday, we are going to be delivering not one but two articles to you. And, to kick things off, we are going to debate one of the biggest questions of 2018, is Red Dead Redemption II underrated or overrated? Please keep in mind that this is still a bit of an experiment, and will take some time to fully develop, some weeks will be themed, other weeks the articles will have no correlation with each other. Our main goal here is to write more, and bring more interesting content to you the readers.

By now you may be asking what is happening to our weekly reviews and top 10s. Well, unfortunately, top 10s will be going away for a while. They may be included in a Friday double feature, but they will not be returning as a regular series. As for reviews, they will come as they are available. The decision has been made to focus on quality over quantity as it felt the content of the reviews felt sub-par to what is expected. So, when the quality of the review meets our high standards, it will release alongside another article, giving you an extra article to read! Don’t forget! our new schedule is as follows, Monday, Overwatch League Power Rankings, Tuesday, Nintendo, Wednesday, PlayStation, Thursday, Xbox, Friday Double Feature, and Saturday is the Weekend Roundup.

We’re really excited to keep bringing you great content that we know you will love. We think the changes will give us more freedom to talk about the things you want to hear and allows us to cover much more than we were before. Thank you for your continued dedication and support, and we look forward to bringing you so much more content in the future, starting tomorrow with our Weekly Roundup!

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